Sew What?

Growing up I always had my Memaw sewing all sorts of fun stuff for me- costumes, vests, clothes, curtains, hemming and altering clothes-the works! I learned a few basics along the way from her-and always wanted to know more. But, the sewing machine and I have not quite gotten to know each as well as Memaw knows her sewing machine. It really is like a girl friend-it has so many different quirks and emotions that unless you spend some time with it and get to know it you will end up confused every time.

SO during the Fall I made this declaration, “I want a sewing machine so I can sew everything for us-it will be so much cheaper than buying it!” Which is true…..if you know exactly what you want…and don’t mess up…on expensive fabric 🙂 Anyways, my sweet husband bought me a sewing machine for Christmas (which really was a surprise because I’m a roller coaster when it come to deciding what I want and had talked myself out of it multiple times) and I have yet to have some quality time with it due to this thing called work, being a mom and a wife. One of those things will soon be taken off of my plate-don’t worry I am still going to be a mom and wife-and I will have a  LITTLE more time to get to know my sewing machine.

I’ve been saving all kinds of links on Pinterest for when my sewing ambitions would start. So here on this nice little page you will find the links that I have found helpful-from fabric websites to “how to’s” you will find it here!

And embarassing or not-I will keep you updated on what worked and what didn’t 🙂


1.Front porch pillows:

These were much easier than I anticipated and although they are not perfect they are definitely a do-able project for a beginner sewer. I used the following links to assist me:

2. Lady Bug Tutu: To see a Picture go here and scroll down-

Making this was SO easy!!! It looked way more impressive than it actually was. I chose to use elastic and sew it so that it would stay on and fit a little more snuggly. The only actual sewing that was involved was the elastic and then sewing the polka dots onto the Tulle.

Items needed:

One roll of Red Tulle

Sparkly Black Felt cut into circles of your choice

Thread and Needle

I used this website to assist:

3. Libby’s Ruffle Bottom Curtains: Finished but have yet to take pictures or blog about it-but they turned out pretty cute!

4. Mud Room Seat Cushion: Technically these were not sewed…I tried to sew them and it just wasn’t working for what it was going to be used for so I went a different route and let me tell you…this new route was EASY! Use this website to make an easy peasy seat cushion 🙂

5. Justin’s handmade Sewing Table: Finished but have yet to take pictures or blog about it-but it’s pretty awesome!

6. Toddler Table: In the process of being sanded and painted-check back for the finished product. 

7. Toddler Bed:  In the process of being sanded and painted-check back for the finished product. 


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