A Snippet

(Pre-Libby days)

 I am a Christ follower. Wife to Justin Mercer Kates and mama to Libby Shea-born July 19, 2012. Lover of all things family. Game nights are the best. Quality time with people is my fave. Being in the mountains reminds me of how majestic my God is. Sunsets and Sunrises remind me how beautiful he is. Also,I may or may not love my dog Pepper a little too much-although poor thing has fallen down on the love scale ever since Libby arrived!


The original intent of this blog was to keep those near and far updated on our SUPER exciting life (hear the sarcasm there?)-which mostly involved updates on super sweet and cute Libby Shea with a few thoughts here and there on random topics. Now that being a “stay at home mom” is in the near future-this little bloggity blog will also hold my adventures in sewing (this could be quite hilarious), recipes that we try (that may or may not be come hilarious, too) and my journey of memorizing scripture. Enjoy!


Vacation to Colorado 2013 (Libby 11 1/2 months)


Christmas 2014


July 2014


Our Blue Lacy-Pepper

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