2015 June happenings

Last June held (apparently) a lot of events:  A surprise 5th anniversary trip to Nashville (hubby is a rockstar, I had NO idea and we had the BEST time), Fathers Day, my birthday, lots of time outdoors! (also, I realize some pics are sideways or even upside down…it won’t let me fix it sooo you may have to stand on your head or turn sideways from some of these 😉 )


First up-our trip to Nashville. Starting last December (6 months prior to this trip) Justin began torturing me with the fact that he already knew what we would be doing for our 5th Anniversary. Every so often he would give me a “hint” (these hints got me nowhere). It was not until the morning we left that I found out we would be roadtripping it to Nashville! SO stinkin’ fun. It would be the first time I left Libby though for more than 2 days so the goodbye was a bit rough at first but I got over it pretty quickly (until the drive home and I was READY to see my girl!!!) when he told me my first job of the trip was to decide which night to go see the Grand Ole Opry!

If you follow either of us on IG you may have seen these exact pictures. We hash-tagged our trip #nashversary or we could have used #bikeallovernashville bc that’s pretty much what we did!


Right after I found out!


On the way we stayed the night in Arkansas with our sweet friends Jeff and Anna who had just moved there a few weeks before!



Then onto Nashville! We have so many funny stories from this trip-one being that instead of entering the address that we were supposed to be going to in Nashville I accidentally was instead just taking us straight into downtown Nashville…at rush hour…on the first night of CMA fest (which we didn’t really take part in because it was insane) Oops! There are other pics but these are the only ones on my phone…so the only ones that will make it to the blog for now 🙂

While there we did all the touristy things like go by The Bluebird Cafe, see the Grand Ole Opry, explore the Country Music Hall of Fame museum and see the Parthenon. But we also biked our booties all over the rest of Nashville exploring. Y’all, it was seriously the best and so much fun. And did I mention the breakfast places we ate? Breakfast is my favorite. If I could eat breakfast every meal I would. In fact-I really think I would rather have an awesome breakfast place to eat at over a fancy restaurant. Seriously. So Justin being the awesome husband he is, did a lot of researching on the best breakfast places to go. He really outdid himself! Enough words…here are a few pics. IMG_2835 IMG_2834 IMG_2852 IMG_2853 IMG_2858 IMG_2863

This is me and my roomie from College Emily. She and her sweet little fam had moved to Kentucky (from Dalhart, TX) that year. When she found out we would be in Nashville she jokingly said, “Y’all should just keep driving a few more hours and come see us!” So we did! The day we should have been driving back-we drove up into Kentucky to see her family, her beautiful home and their farm. We were able to have lunch and chat for a couple hours before we hit the road back to Texas! She was due with baby #3 really any day at this point and I was around 4 months preggo.


After this we could not get home fast enough to see THIS SWEET FACE just in time for dinner the next night.


Back into our normal routine-we heart Sonic!


Splash pad fun with Nora!

IMG_2937 IMG_2945 IMG_2949 IMG_2951 IMG_2953 IMG_2966 I don’t remember what happened here-I think she maybe fell asleep on the way home from the pool-either way, Daddy’s always make it better.

Fathers Day!

IMG_3010 IMG_2998 IMG_3011 IMG_3021

Diva at the pool


Could she be cuter? I know I’m biased but seriously…

IMG_3051 IMG_3055

Side by side pic of me and Libby at close to the same age…or maybe I was a little older I can’t remember!


Then my birthday weekend! My parents came down and celebrated and we also had some friends from church over-all in all it was a really fun birthday! Can’t believe the next one is the big 3-0!

IMG_3064 IMG_3071 IMG_3074 IMG_3085 IMG_3130


 I really, really love a good sno-cone with soft ice and we have a place about 5 minutes from us that has them. Dangerous and amazing all at the same time. It was a wonderful month!


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