Memaws 80th Birthday

This was OVER 3 months ago. But in my defense-this whole new iphoto update on our computer got my pictures ALL out of wack and I tried to blog about 50 times and I got so frustrated I just quit. However, I decided today that I need to keep blogging for future reference sake because we all know I’m probably never going to finish all those Shutterfly books I’ve started 😉

All that said-the entire family (except Gin and Luke whom  we missed but he was still itty bitty so they couldn’t make it!) went to Borger to celebrate Memaw turning 80! We love her so much and very thankful for her life. I also love, love, love that Libby knows and loves her, too 🙂 It was a GREAT time. These are not all of the pics (because of said problems earlier) but they are still cute! Hoping for more short and quick updates to get us caught up in time for Libby’s THIRD birthday coming up (I can hardly believe it…how is she already turning 3?!)

IMG_9937 IMG_9944 IMG_9947



IMG_2065 IMG_2081


IMG_9978 IMG_9970 IMG_0010 IMG_0055 IMG_0090 IMG_9951

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