Oo-de-lally, Oo-de-lally Golly, what a FEBRUARY



I have officially beaten my own record of taking forever to blog but I’m back with some updates that go all the way back to February and boy was it a MONTH! First up:

Technically this was on January 31st…My nephew, Luke, was born 6 weeks early! Isn’t he precious? He was perfect and healthy-and after a bit of a NICU stay is home. We were all thankful he was healthy with no major complications! He is doing great now…you’ll see more pics of him later..I mean he is almost 3 months old now!


IMG_1183 IMG_1358

Grabbing some lunch with Giddy, Pops, and Lukes proud big sis Nora.


We also had a lot of fun playing outside on the swings and with Pepper.


Being a cowgirl at our class Super Bowl party-she wouldn’t let me take her pic but I had to get one! She was so cute!


Playing with our sweet neighbor friends-this is Mason!


And another friends-Avenly 🙂


We had a fun little brunch with some girls from our bible study class.


Libby dressed up for Valentines Day Tiny Tots and Tunes. She LOVES Miss Eva and music. Win-Win.


Attempting a V-Day watercoloring craft…didn’t pan out…but we still had fun!


Best Daddy ever! Painting Libby’s toe nails…I remember my Dad doing the same thing….love it.


Libby taste testing cookie dough

IMG_1646 IMG_1641

This was the night before our niece was making her arrival! Joanna (the big sis) got to come stay the night with us and we had dinner with Papa Kates and Mama Kates! We had so much fun having Joanna stay with us and getting to play the next day until we got the ok to head to the hospital.

IMG_1457 IMG_1476 IMG_1503 IMG_1524

Meet Joy Melissa!



A very exciting thing for our little family of 3 was finding out on Valentines that we were expecting another little one. Theres a lot more to be said about this-but for now I will just say that the Lord is faithful, his timing is perfect and baby Kates is (almost) 14 weeks now and healthy 🙂



For breakfast on Valentines we went to get donuts! Cherry of course!


I’m not sure what happened to the rest of my pics from this night-but-Justin’s parents-Mama Kates and Papa Kates to Libby-host a one night “grand-camp” on Valentines night which allows us parents to go on dates. The cousins made heart shaped pizza, cookies and watched frozen in a fort. Isn’t that so fun? I know Libby had fun and we enjoyed our night out 🙂



SO that was our Feburary-full, full, full but of so many wonderful and joyful things. There’s more to catch up on…like all of March and April …coming soon…hopefully 🙂


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    Love “Grand Camp” what a great ideal!

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