Easter Weekend 2015






We had such a great Easter weekend!! Friday and Saturday we were able to do a lot of work in the yard, play outside and hang out with sweet friends.  Libby had just opened her Easter bag from Giddy and Pops-it had a few of her favorite things including stamps, new sunglasses and some bubbles. As you can see the stamps ended up all over her body ha! IMG_1962 IMG_1961

Another “no picture mommy” but she really was happy haha and those glasses crack me up!


Saturday morning we had an egg hunt with some friends

IMG_1967 IMG_1977 IMG_1979 IMG_1980

Then we swam, grilled out and played some more!

IMG_1983 IMG_1989 IMG_1988 IMG_1986 IMG_1993 IMG_1984



On Easter! Libby was once again thrilled to be having not just her picture taken but strangers trying to make her laugh and smile.


A smile for some chocolate inside that egg she is gripping tightly


Egg hunt with cousins afterwards!

IMG_2028 IMG_2029


It was a great weekend to spend with family and friends!

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