A Sunshiny Month

March was exactly that-very Sunshiny. Literally and figuratively. We spent a lot of time outside getting our yard back in shape and just enjoying the sun bringing some warmth on most days. It was also another busy one…but good busy 🙂 With a busy month comes A LOT of pictures. Prepare yourself…

First up it was Go Texan Day…er like month. With the rodeo in town people around here become a bit obsessed- it kinda cracks me up. But because of it we get to do fun things like ride ponies, go to a petting zoo and wear our “western duds” to church.

IMG_1680 IMG_1686 IMG_1707

We even go to wear our boots and hat (Thanks Papa and Mama Kates!) to Tiny Tots and Tunes…I was slightly obsessed with how cute she was.


Jonah man showed off his singing and dancing skills at a program his school did. When I worked there I LOVE this  program of all the pre-k kiddos all dressed up singing and talking about Texas! So I was very excited to go watch my cute nephew be in it.



Lately-Libby tells me, “no pictures Mommy!” But on this day for some reason she REQUESTED it to be taken. And put on quite the performance of facial expressions ha!



Likes to wear these headbands as “leg bracelets” and we can’t skimp-gotta wear ALL of them. This particular day she also wanted every single bracelet she has. Oh and her mittens. Because OF COURSE we would be wearing mittens!


We celebrated this guys birthday! He isn’t big into birthdays especially celebrating his own-but I did convince him to go out to eat. Our good friends, The Abrams, were able to join us last minute and we had so much fun. Davis and Libby have become such good little friends-and fun fact-they share a birthday! Exactly a year apart.

IMG_1760 IMG_1756 IMG_1759

I finally stained and painted the table Justin made for Libby-this is her first time using it!

IMG_1768 IMG_1769


It was my Aunt Sonya’s spring break-so we all met up at Gingers house so she could play with all the kids and they had so much fun! She was also way too sweet and brought lunch AND dinner for both of families to have that night. With dessert. I mean-so great.


IMG_1770 IMG_1773

We took Pepper to the vet for her check up and Libby was convinced she scared and going to “get hurt” so she kept giving her hugs saying, “its ok baaaaby”. That girl cracks me up.


Watching for Daddy


My Mom and Dad came for a short and quick visit so that they could see Luke! They saw him in the hospital but hadn’t since then and wouldn’t again until the end of May. They are troopers when it comes to making that long road trip and NEVER complain about it. Love them so much. Anyways-we got to spend most of the Friday with them and loved every second.

IMG_1805 IMG_1806

Libby lovin on Luke

IMG_1795 IMG_1803

That same weekend we had a wedding for some really good friends of the Kates in Austin!


The girls-minus Libby!



Playing outside with pepper and having a picnic while Justin did some work on our flower bed.


IMG_1846 IMG_1853 IMG_1863

THEN! The best ever-some of our very first married friends who now live in South Carolina-came to visit! It was so.much.fun and we got to finally love on their sweet boy, Anson. I was so excited I even made cinnamon rolls from scratch and they were pretty darn good if I do say so myself.

IMG_1869 IMG_1874


Twirling in her new dress after church-love her so much.



If you know me at all I do not consider myself a decorator. Like, not one bit. But I do enjoy it if I have some to learn from. Well-I somehow got put on the “Decorating Team” for our women’s retreat and was a bit freaked out to be honest and just to knew I wouldn’t be any help. Thankfully-I was paired up with the most amazing lady who taught me so much along the way and encouraged me in my skills. This particular day we had gone to Lowes with our littles and they were holding hands-too much sweetness.


Friends at the retreat-love these girls


We were at a retreat center so we worked with things they already had in place to make it a bit warmer feeling. Before hand we had planted a LOT of succulents in every apothecary jar we each had plus some that Kim had found along the way. Our theme was Flourish.

IMG_1898 IMG_1899 IMG_1900 IMG_1903 IMG_1904


We left on Friday morning so while Justin was working Libby got to go play with her Mama Kates and that night she went to SBS’s Spring Swing with everyone. Love these sweet pics.


IMG_1906 IMG_1907 IMG_1908

Another picnic after church one Sunday


First snow cone of the season! Feeling her cold tongue..

IMG_1936 IMG_1937


WHEW! That was a lot. Thanks for hanging in there…if you did anyways ha!


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