Sweet Lachlan

My cousin, Ashley, who now lives in San Diego,California, had her first baby girl back in November. I was beyond excited when she texted me to see if I could pick her up from the Houston Airport because she was coming to Texas for a visit in January!!

My mom was even able to fly in to see her, too! Anyways, almost all the girls in the family were able to meet up at my house which is in between the airport and Bryan/College Station so that we could all do dinner and spend time together before they headed there for the weekend.

Poor Justin was the only Male there with 10 girls! He is a trooper! Also-we missed having Ginger and Lance there with us! Ginger got put in the hospital for pre-term labor a few days before that so Lance and her weren’t able to make it but we had fun getting to have Nora with us! (almost 2 weeks later-Ginger was still in the hospital and Luke decided to come early! He is healthy but still in the NICU. Pray he gets to go home quickly so they can be a family of 4 at home all together. I have absolutely been amazed at Lance and Gingers positive attitude and how they have each handled the last two weeks.) Ok-back on topic! Here are some pictures of our time together-can’t believe it’s already been 2 weeks! I also somehow didn’t get a pic with my Aunt ‘Ne ( NeNe to Lachlan, Emery and Eiley) but she was there, too! It really was such a sweet time!


On our way to the airport-Libby was excited!


Lachlan with Giddy


Nora wanted in on the picture, too!



SO glad we got to see Ash and Lachlan-(and everyone else, too 🙂 )

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