Potty Training 2.0

This was our second round of attempting to potty train and it was a night and day difference compared to the first time around. I’m not gonna act like it was sunshine and rainbows the whole time but it was way easier than I was anticipating. I’m sure noone else cares about these pictures/video of the excitement but I’m still going to document it 🙂

With a lot of bribery, not going anywhere for 5 days straight, panties and t-shirts only and going straight from diapers to panties-this girl is potty trained! 3 weeks later she is still doing great-I feel like we usually have an accident whenever I say, “we’ve gone 5 days without an accident!” and then you can guess what usually happens  next haha! And until this week, she didn’t have any accidents at night or during nap time.

These are pics from those days of staying home! Nothing cute than a little toddler bum in panties for the first time!


I only took this because she is wearing an old little shirt of mine 🙂


She was promised donuts after succeeding with a particular thing that was not so easy…so when it happened we made a BIG deal out of it. (and I may have gotten starbucks as a reward for myself)



We also sang a lot of songs….

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