New Years Eve/Day

Our niece Joanna’s birthday is on New Years Eve! She was turning two this year and they celebrated with fireworks and cake! Super fun and a little chilly 🙂 Libby at this point in the night was still NOT a fan of the loudness of fireworks but was a fan of the scooter they had out there!

IMG_0514 IMG_0506 IMG_0498

Last year the neighbors all got together to do fireworks and wanted to repeat it this year. So when we got home from the party they had the fire pits out and fireworks ready to go! We were just going to put Libby down to bed since she did not like the fireworks at Joanna’s party but then Justin had the brilliant idea of putting his gun-shooting ear muffs on her to see if it would help and it did! She loved watching the fireworks with those things on! Below are her with all our little neighbor friends. So thankful to have such great neighbors that have become friends 🙂

IMG_0531 IMG_0537 IMG_0545 IMG_0550 IMG_0555

New Years day Justin was leaving on a hunting trip with his dad and brother-they were going to be gone for a few days so lots of hugs and eskimo kisses took place before he left. Her favorite thing is standing in the window and waving bye. She also says over and over, “bye daddy, love you dadddyyyy! Be safe! Have fun!”. Love her.


After he left, we (meaning she) hopped in the bath to get the smoke smell from the firepits out of her hair before heading to Uncle Mark and Aunt Sonya’s house! Here she kept pulling her hair to the side saying, “I look like Anna (from frozen). I so preeetttyy”. haha


Headed out!


Memaw was staying there for a while to visit over Christmas so we got to spend time with her, too! Libby was a big helper getting dinner ready.



Reading with Uncle Mark


The girls headed to lunch to meet Lance! (except Sonya because she had a funeral 🙁 )


Blowing kisses to daddy to say Night Night!


I don’t really remember if this was New Years weekend…but I thought I’d add it anyways ha! We pulled out the paints finally and let her have at it, and she LOVED it. When I say she could have stayed there all day I mean it.


very focused!


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