Family Photos

My sweet friend Rachael took some new family photos for us back in November (mostly for Christmas Card pics..which turned out to have it’s own long saga…which is why you either didn’t get one from us or you got it really late ha!) Anyways-I keep meaning to post them! She is one talented, Godly friend…if you ever need a photographer let me know and I’ll get you in touch with her 🙂 Libby was NOT in the mood for pics so I was thrilled when we got these back. We did however have to do a lot chasing and where’s your puppy at to get some smiles 😉


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This one cracks me up-looks like she just scored a touchdown and is yelling “number 1!!”

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  1. Keri Terrell says:

    Those are super cute!!! Great Job Rachael!!!!

  2. These look great! What a beautiful family! And one gorgeous momma!!

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