Little Baker

Before Christmas this year I made a list of all the things I wanted to do with Libby during the Christmas season-one of those things was to make Christmas Cookies together! We finally got around to it the night before Christmas Eve. The cookies themselves didn’t end up turning out very well (definitely need get a different recipe!) but we sure had fun making them and eating the cookie dough 🙂

Ready to go in her cute apron and ginger bread man spatula!


Stirring all the dry ingredients for me


She opened the butter and put them in!


Waiting for it to get nice and creamy


So excited!


Slowly pouring the rest of our ingredients in-she really did do such a good job helping me! She loves to help especially in the kitchen 🙂


The best part!


Making shapes out of the dough-she loved getting to decide which shape to do and putting it on the cookie sheet.

IMG_0216 IMG_0220

Making colored icing that we didn’t actually ever use! She had to go to bed before the cookies were ready and when the cookies didn’t turn out very well…we may have dumped them! I did save a few just in case she asked about them…but then Christmas Eve came and we had so much fun to look forward to she never asked!



Love that Libby is at the age that we can do this kind of stuff together-it’s so much fun!


  1. These pictures make my heart oh so happy. Thank you for being such a wonderful mommy to Libby!

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