Early Christmas with Giddy and Pops

We are so thankful my parents are willing to do so much traveling to see us-they are troopers! They came down this past weekend to do Christmas with us and we had a wonderful time with them. We also got to do Christmas with my Aunt and Uncle and Memaw the night they all drove in at our house. I didn’t get very many pictures-but it was great seeing everyone and being all together.


The girls helping Memaw open her gifts


Fun at the Kids Crazy Christmas Show-the girls loved it!

IMG_9958 IMG_9977 IMG_9999



Looking at Christmas lights-she wanted to sit with him most of the time and we kept saying no-so on the last street her wish came true 🙂


Possibly one of my favorite pics ever of them.


Painting a snowflake ornament


Amongst other fun things-the girls received CUTE tents from Giddy and Pops and they loved them!

IMG_0103 IMG_0114 IMG_0124

Watching the Cowboys game with Pops!





Thanks for coming down!! We are so thankful for y’all and love you so much!

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