Halloween 2014

After Libby’s nap I decided I would actually take some pictures with our REAL camera, not just my i-phone…it was gorgeous outside…and I may have thought Libby’s outfit was really cute (my personal opinion haha!) So we did that and played outside for a bit and then went back inside to get her little bear costume on and nose done 🙂 I haven’t uploaded pictures off my phone yet from the fun get together with friends we had that night but I will soon! Libby wasn’t really into taking pictures but I think I still got some cute ones…


IMG_9696 IMG_9693

Talking to Pepper through the fence…


Every time I’d say, “Libby will you smile for Mommy?” She would get this close to the camera haha




Then we got into our Bear outfit…and went back outside for more pics…because she was so into it the first time haha

She was shaking her “tail” for me here

IMG_9730 IMG_9727

“see Pepper?” Yes, and I would like to see YOUR smile little bear…

IMG_9723 IMG_9720

Loved watching this little bear on her first night of actually trick -or-treating and playing with her friends…it was a fun night!

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