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A pretty basic question that I feel is often asked between people just getting to know one another is, “Are you are beach or a mountain person?”. My answer has always been with no hesitation, the mountains. Don’t get me wrong, I love going to the beach and seeing the ocean stretch as far as the eye can see. But there is just something about being up in the cooler air, seeing different shapes and forms of earth right before your eyes with changing colors as the day passes by KNOWING who created them and knowing THE creator…blows my mind. I’ve said it before on this blog, but I just feel so in tune with the Lord there. There is no way around denying how big he is, and remembering different scripture references to the mountains. I love just sitting out on the balcony or this time around up on a rock high above just breathing in his goodness and remembering his faithfulness. That is why Labor Day weekend has always been so important to me-it’s been a for sure thing of getting to be in the mountains for at least one weekend out of the year (as well as spending time with my fam!).  I know it may not always be that way and things may have to change, but until that time comes I will be more than grateful for every second I have to be in the mountains with family and a little  a LOT more quiet and calm environment (even with two toddlers running around 🙂 ).

With all that said, enjoy the pictures from our trip this past weekend. Some from the phone, some from the camera 🙂


We got there Friday afternoon so we were able to go into town and walk around/eat dinner. The flowers they have there are beautiful!



Wearing Sunglasses all morning-until we went outside ha!


This was my spot whenever in the car for the wknd-you can tell the girls were super excited to have me back there with them 😉


We usually go meet up with the boys and ride along for part of their golf game (they play 36 holes so needless to say we just do 9 and then eat lunch with them)

These two were the cutest onlookers out there and loved cheering them on! It was a beautiful day on the course and fun was had by all.

IMG_7379 IMG_7380 IMG_7401 IMG_7412 IMG_9412 IMG_7423 IMG_7428 IMG_7432 IMG_7433 IMG_7437 IMG_7439 IMG_9413 IMG_7453 IMG_7462 IMG_7476 IMG_9419 IMG_7483


The next day while the boys continued their golf game the girls just had fun on the mountain! We went down to the playground by the little chapel, explored the mountain and looked around some shops in town. What you don’t see here are Libby’s major meltdowns that day at the park-but I’ll take a meltdown in the mountains over at my house by myself any day ha! In her defense, she was very hungry, it was windy and she had a major runny nose. (things you probably don’t need to know, but I’m giving it to ya anyways!)


IMG_7564 IMG_7506 IMG_7511 IMG_9439 IMG_9445 IMG_9447 IMG_9482 IMG_7516 IMG_7565 IMG_7519

My mom (Giddy to the girls) bought them cute little bears and they LOVED them!

IMG_7568 IMG_9488 IMG_9494

IMG_7546 IMG_7553 IMG_7557

On Monday we usually drive back to Borger, stay the night and make the trek back to Houston on Tuesday. We still did that this year but Justin and I stayed behind to do some hiking and Giddy and Pops went on ahead with Libby. There are a couple places we like to go, but since we were short on time we went with our favorite, Cordova Pass. You have to drive a ways to get there and when I say hike I say it lightly because it’s really  not that difficult-ha! But you do have to walk a good bit to get to the highest point! I would love to go on true hike someday that’s more difficult.

Some pics before getting into the car-Libby LOVED being outside here-the sticks were her favorite hehe

IMG_7617 IMG_7609 IMG_7587 IMG_7583 IMG_7576

Cordova Pass

IMG_9501 IMG_7619 IMG_7622 IMG_9502 IMG_9506 IMG_9513 IMG_9517 IMG_9531 IMG_9534 IMG_9540 IMG_9542 IMG_9546 IMG_9549 IMG_9553 IMG_9557

No pictures from Borger but it was great to see Memaw and for Libby to spend some time with her and it’s just always fun to see Libby playing in the house and backyard I grew up in!

The next morning I had to make a quick stop at my fave-The Coffee Ranch-for the absolute best bagel and chai tea latte and we headed home. Libby was asleep super fast-I think we wore her out-and was such a great little traveler the entire weekend!

IMG_7627 IMG_7629 IMG_7635

Hope you all were able to have a wonderful Labor Day weekend as well!

What is your “place”??

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