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I realized the other day that I never really did a “2 Years Stats” post on Libby and in an effort to remember and what she’s doing these days (learning wise) I want to blog about it! So some of you may ย just want to skip on down to the lots of photos section because you know I can’t ever make it a short photo section-and apparently I’ve taken a lot of pics over the last couple of weeks! ๐Ÿ˜‰

At 2 Years old Libby:

Still hates the doctors office! I mean y’all…it took 2 nurses and me just to get her weight and height.

IMG_6768 IMG_6769

  • She is still a little bitty thing in weight and a long one in length which makes buying clothes super interesting. She’s in it for the long haul though I do believe!
  • She is able to count from 1-14 usually not missing any numbers and can identify some numbers but we are still working on that.
  • She can identify and say all the letters of the alphabet on a pretty consistent basis and likes to point them out and say them whenever she sees them.
  • Can identify and say the shapes: circle, triangle, square, heart and star
  • Knows most of her colors (especially orange, purple, red and yellow) but still gets them mixed up occasionally-
  • LOVES singing and doing motions to songs. Recently she has started actually singing some of the words to the song in the right spots (along with the motions) and it’s about the cutest thing ever. ย Her favorites right now are: If you’re happy and you know it, Zaccheus was a wee little Man, Wheels on the Bus, I’m in the Lord’s Army and Joy, Joy, Joy down in my heart.
  • Still obsessed with animals (real and stuffed)-her current favorites are her Nemo (Thanks Giddy and Pops!), Violet, Spot, Floppy and of course Honey Bear.
  • Will swim freely with her floaties on without us having to hold her (she had a death grip on us at the beginning of the Summer) and would stay for hours if we would let her.
  • Is talking A LOT and starting to add multiple words together (I thought she was behind on that but the Doctor said she is ahead of the game,woo-hoo!) however, she won’t hardly say anything in front of other people unless it’s family or close friends that she is around a lot.
  • Feeds herself with spoon and fork with no assistance except for the occasional needing something cut or just can’t get it on the spoon ๐Ÿ™‚

OK now on to the good ole iphone dump

At the pool!


Playing dress-up-look at that smirk-she knows she’s cute.


Her pucker face is her new fave so we take lots of selfies and send them to Daddy ๐Ÿ™‚


Woke up from her nap to rain so we had to watch…she was trying to reach out to it-with her head only haha.


Big boxes are the best for coloring on rainy days!


Trying out her new ride for when we ride bikes!


Watching me put it together is exhausting


First Ride!


No words


Proud of herself for putting her glasses on her head


Uncle Lance and Nora came over a few fridays ago while Ginger was in NYC for a girls trip. We had a fun day at the pool and watching Frozen!


Not really sure when this happened but I love it of her!


Mom of the year award goes to me. We got to the pool and I forgot Libby’s swimsuit-minor detail.


But it didn’t slow her down any and she didn’t care! Kisses for daddy in the pool.


After church one Sunday she went straight here and laid there the entire time I got lunch ready. I think she was a wee bit tired.


Post-Nap Sillies


Showing off her “getting yogurt into the mouth without spilling” skills at breakfast


Last swim day with Davis before his Mommy had to go back to work-it sure was a fun Summer with them! Libby was not happy about the picture-or leaving the pool.


Libby also puts her shoes on herself-almost always getting them on the right feet. This particular picture she finally figured out to get them through the loop to be buckled…


she was so surprised with herself haha!


My good friend Rachael who I’ve known for 10 years (Crazy!) was a science teacher with me at SBS, now shes moving into her own 2nd grade classroom so Libby and I went to help her set some stuff up.

IMG_7055 IMG_7057

Bedhead with all her faves


Love her sweet profile


Legos and Dress-Up clothes, I’d say she’s a balanced girl ๐Ÿ™‚


Watching the trash men out the front window


Giddy and Pops came back through Houston on their way home their 35th Anniversary trip to the Cayman Islands. We had so much fun spending the day with them! They also found Nemo while there and Libby was ecstatic!

Fishy (or pucker) faces


Excited smiles


Reading a book about some dogs from the Caymans with Pops


Libby watched Little Mermaid for the first time and pretty much stayed like this the entire time. (I fast forwarded through the scary parts!)

IMG_7106 IMG_7100

We’ve (Justin) has been cleaning out the garage/washing off some things to cover up and get in the attic. Libby wanted one more ride in her infant car seat haha!


Park fun with Brode and Bryson!

IMG_7114 IMG_7121

A splash-pad with broken water spouts would be sad for most kids but this is the happiest Libby has been there! #doesntlikewatersprayinginherface

IMG_7128 IMG_7131

Justin had a late dinner meeting for work so he gets these kind of pics on those nights ha!


This week we had a fun play-date at my good friend Cori’s house. Libby and Nora loved Grahams trains!

IMG_7145 IMG_7156

Yesterday afternoon was cool enough to be outside and do some chalk and bubbles-we had so much fun!

IMG_7174 IMG_7162 IMG_7178 IMG_7185 IMG_7200 IMG_7219 IMG_7222

If you are still with me I applaud you, this was a long one. Have a happy day!




  1. Ashley Graves says:

    Love these pictures so much! She is just too fun!

  2. Kim Terry says:

    LOVE all of these sweet pics!

  3. Your blogs always make me wasn’t to get in the car this second and come squeeze her!!!!!

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