Libby Shea is 2!

I can not believe Libby is 2! Her birthday fell on a Saturday so it was fun to have her party on her actual birthday 🙂 One of our neighborhood pools has a great club house that opens up to a baby pool, a big pool with slides etc. great for a party with multiple ages like we had coming! It ended up being a rare cool July morning which was nice (not too cool for swimming, but if you weren’t swimming you weren’t sweating buckets like you normally would during a Houston July summer day!) and most importantly Libby was having so much fun! Mission accomplished….

The spread…Libby loves cake, cookies, goldfish and pretzels so that is what we had! (she also loves other things but those were what worked best for a pool party ha!)

IMG_9041 IMG_9045

She also has a  (new) love for balls of any kind, bubbles, wearing sunglasses and Bubble Guppies… so I tried to incorporate all of those things somehow.


IMG_9059 IMG_9070 IMG_9100


Singing Happy Birthday! Libby didn’t like the fire on the candle haha


But as soon as she got those fingers on that icing she was a happy camper

IMG_9084 IMG_9094

IMG_9105 IMG_9111 IMG_0006

IMG_9157 IMG_9160 IMG_9182 IMG_9216 IMG_9231 IMG_9258 IMG_9265

By the end of the party she was a hungry, tired girl

IMG_9293 IMG_9297 IMG_9295 IMG_0013_2 IMG_0018_2


After the party some of the fam came over for a bit more playing while waiting for some pizza to arrive.





After naps Libby got to open presents, she got so many fun, new things! She loved opening presents this year-although, since she wanted to play with each one she opened immediately we kept having to remind there were more to open 🙂

IMG_9330 IMG_9360 IMG_9376 IMG_9352


We sure do love our Libby Shea and can’t imagine life with out her. She makes us laugh everyday, is so sweet and gentle, shy and quiet until she gets really comfortable around you (and then she’s a walking party!), she’s already got quite the imagination and we might be a little biased but we think she is so smart 😀

Thank you Jesus for this sweet gift.


  1. Ashley Graves says:

    Looks like such a fun party!!

  2. amandajoneskeith says:

    These are so great!! Love this sweet family!

  3. Love getting to see the party! Thanks for sharing! She’s beautiful!

  4. Kim Terry says:

    Such a fun party! Good job Momma!

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