Hello, June!

Well, in my usual fashion I let time slip by without  giving ANY attention to the blog world since Easter. So, also in my usual fashion, I will say that a lot has happened since then blah, blah, blah…here are some pictures of our happenings since Easter. 🙂


First up, the I-Phone dump…which there way more but these were already uploaded so we are sticking with the following 🙂

Monday nights I go to bible study and I will occasionally get pictures like these…love them to pieces.

IMG_4715 IMG_4716

Libby and Nora love, love, love each other and it makes me so happy. I hope they always remain close and develop a special relationship.

IMG_4734 IMG_4730

Libby came walking into the kitchen one day with a swim diaper on! Kind of..


Sliding at the park with her new favorite headband…which you will see in most of these pictures because if she finds it…it’s going on! You can also see her first ever fever blister in this picture 🙁 The Terry gene carries on!


Ya know, just wearing her swimsuit cover-up over the jammies.


Libby likes to call Daddy and No-No (Nora) every day!

Mother’s Day 2014! Love being a mommy to this sweet pea…I don’t think I will ever get tired of hearing her call me Mama (well maybe when she is screaming it over and over in the car! haha!)


at lunch with these two silly billies


Taking spot and floppy for a walk


The following three pictures look like she is throwing a fit but she is really laughing hysterically! and also kind of looks like a rock-star

IMG_4845 IMG_4847 IMG_4846

OK, moving on to Memorial Day weekend! The only part of the week I actually got pictures of were from our trip to the ranch that Sunday afternoon. Memorial Day itself was super fun with lots of friends, however, it was pouring rain the entire day! Kind of put a damper on swimming and grilling out plans, but we still had fun inside 🙂

We went with our neighbors-Jeff and Katie (and their dog, Rollie) and much to our delight Papa Kates ended up being out there, too!

Libby clapping to “If you’re happy and you know it..” Any song that has the word “happy” in it, she starts saying happy over and over throughout the whole song. It’s pretty stinkin’ cute.


The aftermath of black-berry picking…she couldn’t get enough!

IMG_8515 IMG_8508


IMG_8502 IMG_8498 IMG_8490

Once we get to the dirt road Libby gets to ride with daddy to see the cows and horses better.


Next up, my cousin David got married to the ever so sweet Kaleigh. We love them so much and have loved seeing how God is working in and through them…we can’t wait to see what else God has in store for them! Because they were getting married, that also meant that Pops and Giddy were coming to town and we could NOT wait! 3 Months is too long! (However, I know some people have to go much longer so I’m grateful we are able to see them as much as we do living 10 hours apart).

Rehearsal Dinner pics. Mark and Sonya did a fantastic job at putting this together. It was a movie theme as you’ll soon see and was so much fun!

IMG_8524 IMG_8528 IMG_8536

The Bride and Groom! Aren’t they cute?

IMG_8539 IMG_8551 IMG_8581 IMG_8592 IMG_8574 IMG_8569 IMG_8564 IMG_8563 IMG_8562

Up next was the big day! It was one of the most beautiful, God glorifying ceremonies I have ever been to….such a sweet time.

During the ceremony, Papa and Mama Kates watched Libby at the back (thanks a million!) but afterwards the girls were ready to party! I’m not sure if they had the tired sillies or what but they were HYPER.


Love this pic!

IMG_8619 IMG_8633 IMG_8638 IMG_8659

Libby did NOT want to be taking this picture…obviously.



David was SO sweet to keep coming over to say hi to the girls. Libby kept point at him from across the room saying, “Dav? Dav?”…then he’d come and she’d get shy. haha! I was glad we caught some smiles 🙂


and they’re off!

IMG_8710 IMG_8733

There you have it, our last 2 months in a not-so-short of a nutshell. Hopefully, I will be better at updating…we shall see!


  1. Darling!! Love love love it!! Your “purplish” dress for the wedding was stunning on you! Thanks for sharing!! Big hugs! See you soooon!!

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