Another Iphone Dump!

The Last Month we’ve had many different things going on: Dog sitting Lady-Bug whom Libby LOOOOVVVVED and called (rather yelled) BUGGGYYYY, first swim of the season, play-dates at the splash pad and spending time with family. Here are some photos from our random events that didn’t necessarily happen in the order they were put into this post 🙂

She likes to put her daddy’s socks on…and take off her other clothes. Hilarious.


New snow cone place in our neighborhood, I could not be happier about this as I LOVE a good snow-cone. AND they have Silver Fox and Bahama Mama, what more could I ask for?


Pops bought Libby this football and she loves to “toss” and “catch” it. This was not a staged photo though-grabbed the hat and ball on our way out the door. Made her daddy happy 🙂


Splash-Pad fun with Gin and Nora!

IMG_5243 IMG_5240 IMG_5231 IMG_5229 IMG_5228

Summer nights are the best-as long as you have mosquito repellant 😉


Pepper sittin pretty


Play date at the splash pad turned into watching this duck try to get in the entire time.


Sleepy girl


Helping Daddy cut down tree-limbs.


Doing a little chalk writing

IMG_5173 IMG_5172

First swim at the pool! Didn’t love the floaties or being where she couldn’t touch, but she’s getting more used to it 🙂

IMG_5163 IMG_5157

Taking a break from Daddy’s softball game to play with Papa and Mama Kates (or K-K as she is referring to here these days!)


We had about a week where eating was a fight ever.single.time. But we stuck to our guns and won the battle (for now anyways ha!)


Happily eating if she could be wearing her coat and bib!


My cousin Ashley flew in from San Diego to spend some time with her family and I was so happy Libby and I could drive over to Bryan and spend the day with them. Just love them all to pieces. AND Ashley is expecting a sweet baby in November-isn’t she the cutest?!

IMG_5129 IMG_5131 IMG_5146

Playing with “Buggy”

IMG_5080 IMG_5085 IMG_5073


How she rolls…



Loves Play-Doh these days

IMG_5570 IMG_5575

Celebrating Father’s Day! This girl is so blessed to have Justin as her daddy. Love them so much.

IMG_5346 IMG_5328


This picture cracks me up, we were going for the surprised face but instead I got a really sweet smile/giggle.


“Flying” with Daddy

IMG_5316 IMG_5309


Happy Monday!

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