4th Anniversary

June 12th was our 4th Anniversary and we had SO MUCH FUN! While I love a good steak 🙂 I would much rather be doing an activity that is a little more laid back and just fun. I also realized we always do something that is more geared towards what I want to do, but it’s OUR anniversary and I want Justin to really enjoy it, too. So we went to a shooting range, picked new boots out for Justin (his anniversary/Fathers day gift) and then went to Top Golf. If you are on Instagram and follow Justin you probably saw the videos  he posted of me being VERY excited about making a shot in Top Golf and getting a bulls eye at the shooting range. Lets just say that those two moments were my highlights and the rest of the time I was pretty terrible ha!

Poor quality shaky selfie photos but at least we have the memories 🙂


Game faces ON!


Bulls Eye!


Lana’s Score: 14 Justin’s Score: 123….he was just a tad better.


This is his, “I can’t help it that I make every shot” Smile. Love him.

IMG_5276 IMG_5272

So many to choose from!


All in all it was a GREAT date night to celebrate being married 4 years. Love you the world Justin Mercer Kates!

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