I was about to do an Easter 2014 post when I realized that a lot has happened since I last posted and Easter…so today is a re-cap (i-phone dump) of the last 2-3 weeks! It was filled with unexpected doctors visits and lots of play with friends and family 🙂

The following two pictures are a daily occurrence these days…sitting in her reading chair and treating Honey Bear to treats (missed photos of her setting up all her fave stuffed animals and giving them each snacks and reading to them..cutest.thing.ever.)

IMG_4225 IMG_4230


There were two days where Libby had a really watery eye and snotty nose. She was still happy (except for looking bored out of her mind while running errands below)…since she was happy and no fever, I thought it was allergies….





Until I called the Dr. to see what I could give her for these Allergies and they said…um you need to come in. See how happy she was at the Dr.? This was a victory…last time she was screaming the entire time.



Turns out it was a double ear infection…so we watched cartoons for the rest of the day. 20 minutes.


Then of course we played more! Nothing can keep this girl down…especially if it involves wearing comfy clothes, being outside and walking her “uppy og”.


All symptoms cleared up pretty quickly and she continued to be our fun-loving girl. Caught some giggles while Daddy was being tickle monster.


Lunch with Cousin Nora and Aunt Ginger!


We also got to play with Aunt Janel and Cousin Joanna!


On one of the warmer days we went outside to blow bubbles and play with Pepper in her Daddy’s favorite attire…just a diaper.


We got to see sweet friends from our old Bible Study Class…we had so much fun seeing sweet Parker Clementine (and her mommy and daddy!)


We tried out the Splash Pad…she still isn’t super sure of the random water shooting everywhere and dumping on your head so she stayed to the edges 🙂

IMG_4366 IMG_4399

Playing Peek-A-Book all over the park and cracking up!

IMG_4448 IMG_4449 IMG_4456 IMG_4460

Wearing Mommy’s wedges..and successfully walking in them..


Looking cute as a button with her hair in a pony



Libby was excited to play with Brode and Bryson one morning while their Mommy had a meeting (side-note: these boys are some the of the most well-behaved and sweet boys I’ve been around and are AWESOME with Libby…good job Sarah and Andrew!)

IMG_4473 IMG_4477 IMG_4482

We got to go watch Cousin Jonah’s Tee-Ball game! (and somehow I didn’t get pics of him on my phone, oops!) Libby had fun swinging, playing with family! (we also had a New Member dinner for our Sunday School class which is where Libby had fun playing the drums 🙂 )



IMG_4429 IMG_4409


AND finally we get to the end of our Re-Cap with having dinner at my brother Lance’s house the night before Easter weekend. We had a blast and it was fun watching Libby and Nora really interact with one another and actually play together (you’ll notice all the pictures I tried to get of the two of them are blurry because they kept chasing each other haha!)

IMG_4489 IMG_4483 IMG_4490 IMG_4486

Whew! I think that’s all…next up, Good Friday at the Ranch and Easter 2014!


  1. So fun!! I love seeing your family! I think I need some advice from that Sarah and Andrew! I want well behaved boys!! 🙂

  2. Ashley Graves says:

    I just looked at all these pics for the third time. I just love all of them so much!!!

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