National Siblings Day!

Apparently, it’s National Siblings Day and according to the world of instagram it is also “Throwback  Thursday…TBT” so in honor of those two things I give you my brother Lance back in the day all the way up until we had kiddos of our own. (obviously I left out big events like marriages etc…..but I got tired of waiting for pics to me lazy…)


 I got a big brother and a puppy! Score!


I look a little concerned but he very happy and confident 🙂


I know I drove him crazy at times…but we really did have so much fun together especially playing in the snow at our cabin.

R001-040 R001-038 R001-037 T001-042

He was my bestest friend growing up…I pray Libby is as good of a big sister when that time comes as Lance was to me.



He might possibly kill me for posting this picture but when he worked at the church they made him do all sorts of crazy stuff…like dressing up as Woody and an Elf. (Who knew working in a church business office you’d have to dress up! ha!)





I’m sure we were having a deep meaningful discussion here…such as how crazy it was that we traveled to the cayman islands when I was 34 1/2 weeks preggo.



Then he became a pretty stinkin’ great Uncle who Libby loves



And a pretty stinkin’ awesome Daddy to Nora!

Love you brother! You’re the best…mean it.


  1. So sweet! I loved looking at all of those!

  2. Sweet tribute from a very sweet girl!

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