Good Friday (and some)

On Thursday Justin called and asked if I’d want to go out to the ranch…Pepper loves going out there (she would probably be the happiest if she could just live out there) and we just like getting out in the open..go exploring…breathe a little less city and more country. We then asked our friends, The Shanles, to join us and we were excited they could come! Sarah got a few pics of Libby and I while we were out exploring, and all the boys went out on the pond and did some fishing (the girls went to but only for a bit of paddling, no fishing for us this trip! It was a fun day with fun, sweet friends who we are very thankful for.


IMG_1195 IMG_1188 IMG_1218 IMG_4499 IMG_4520


On Saturday we got to celebrate our nephew’s 4th birthday!! I can’t believe it’s already been 4 years since taking these pics of us meeting him.

Jonah2_003 Jonah2_019


On that note-I win worst Aunt Award for not getting ANY pictures of him at his birthday party (Justin did, thankfully, but I currently don’t have those pics yet!) I did however get pics of one cute little ham who was loving the camera that day. I also may have been a BIT obsessed with her in this outfit 🙂

IMG_4524 IMG_4527 IMG_4536 IMG_4558 IMG_4563

Up next…Easter 2014…get ready for a whole lot of pictures and a whole lot of cuteness from Libster.

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