Chapter 1-AMLW

About a month ago I posted about doing some post on the new book I was starting called A Million Little Ways (AMLW) by Emily Freeman. I thought it would be easy to discuss on here…easy to put into words what I was learning from it. Simply put…I was wrong. I was wrong in a good way. Because what this book has done in the 7 Chapters that I have read (out of the 12) has been way deeper than I ever anticipated or expected.

I still don’t know that I can put into words what I am learning. I have re-read pages, chapters and parts over and over because God is speaking so directly to my heart through this book that I don’t want to miss a thing. I also am taking my time in praying over what I am learning, processing and making sure that what I am reading lines up with Gods word. (which she uses a lot through each even.)

So until I can really write out what I am learning…I am going to start out by posting  some of my “favorite parts” of the chapters as I go…things that may have stood out to me more than the rest.

Some of the parts might not make much sense until you actually read the chapters in their entirety but hang in there…or go get the book and start reading it 🙂 I honestly had to stop myself from just writing out the whole chapter. I mean, seriously, it’s that good (at least is for me in this season of life..but I think it applies to whatever season you may be in). So while it seems I wrote a LOT of quotes…this is only a LITTLE glimpse of everything else that is in this chapter. I can’t say it enough…just go get the book and read it!

Chapter 1-Awake

“Art is when we do work that matters in a creative way, in a way that touches people and changes them for the better.” Seth Godin

“Skill may be impressive and even necessary, but skill alone doesn’t touch the soul.”

After talking about musicians, painters, song lyrics, theatre etc. being gives that can touch deeply, Emily says this..

“Art coming from honest hands shows us beauty, stirs up longing, and touches us deeply. But what about this..The extra care the cashier takes with your order, the way she looks you in the eye, ask how you are…as if her work is important and she knows it. Or the teacher who makes history come alive, telling stories filled with facts and truth and background, while students learn without even realizing it. How many times have we been rushing through the day, weary from the word, grieving a loss we didn’t even know we were grieving, and all it takes is for a stranger to offer to carry our bags from the baggage carousel to the curb and we break down as if they offered to buy us a house or bring our loved ones back from the dead?”

“Cashiers and cellists are capable of making art because they both have the power to influence, to be fully awake to their Maker, and fully aware of his making of them.”

Then she goes into stating her intentions with this book…

“May you have a dream or a desire to move into the world, something you’re always talking yourself out of. Or maybe you wish you had a way to influence others but you don’t think you do.”

Intention #1

“It is my intention to introduce practices to help you uncover the art already alive within you. You were born to make art.”

Intention #2

“…release your art into the word, for the glory of God and the benefit of others. Because you were also made to live art.”

Speaking of God..

“He does not manage us, to-do list us, or bullet-point us. He loves us. Is with us. And believing him feels impossible, until we do, like a miracle, like lukewarm water turning merlot red right there in the cup. And hope sprouts new, because God doesn’t give us a list. He invites us into the story. “

“God is not a technician. God is an Artist. This is the God who made you. The same God who lives inside you. He comes into us, then comes out of us, in a million little ways. That’s why there’s freedom, even in the blah. Hope, even in the dark. Love, even in the fear. Trust, even as we face our critics.”

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