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We have had a fun couple of days- my Memaw was able to come stay with us for a couple of days and we had SO MUCH FUN!! It was beautiful weather so we were able to do a lot outside.  Not only was I glad to spend some good quality time with her but I was even more happy about her getting to spend some time with Libby. The first morning we took Libby to the park, went on a walk and also went to feed the ducks.

IMG_3989 IMG_3990 IMG_3991 IMG_3994 IMG_3995 IMG_4023

Then Ginger and Nora were able to come over that afternoon to play! I think we ended up walking around our cul-de-sac about 20 times that afternoon following the girls around haha! Then we met up with the boys for dinner. Oh and did I mention we are obsessed with the bears ears!? Because..we are! Obviously..haha!

IMG_4015 IMG_4014 IMG_4010 IMG_4008 IMG_4007 IMG_4006 IMG_4004

The next day I drove Memaw back to Kingwood and Libby and I decided to stay  the night so we could hang out with everyone a bit more 🙂  The pictures are a bit dark, but at least I got a few!


Trying to find David..she was his little shadow as soon as he walked in the door!


David and Elizabeth are both so amazing with kids-Libby LOVES them…she has seen Elizabeth a little more since she is in town and gets so excited every time she sees her!

IMG_4035 IMG_4041

Then sweet Kaleigh (Davids soon to be wife…isn’t she cute?) came over! She came in and got to witness my absent-mindedness crazy self in all its glory.  I couldn’t find Libby’s honey bear…right before bed time..and lets face it I wanted sleep and it wouldn’t have happened without the bear…at the same time I couldn’t find my keys to see if the bear was in the car. Needless to say the whole family was searching. She was sweet and jumped right in 🙂 Libby also adored her and went straight to her!


Now we are anxiously awaiting Justin to get home tonight and to see my parents this weekend! Yippee!

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