San Antonio

Justin had a work trip to San Antonio this week and the Libster and I were able to join him! It was nice to get to see him at night and to just be out and about! Here’s a few pics I was able to get on my phone..


It was FREEZING the first part of our trip….so we went to the “Alamo” inside the mall..Libby loved it!


and we hung out in the hotel room quite a bit…so we wore our bear ears and read Lady Bug girl books..20140308-084023.jpg

and when Daddy got back he decided to teach Lib how to jump on the bed 😀20140308-084036.jpg

We also got to hang out with Mama Kates some while there and had fun at the Mexican Market, eating yummy food and find good deals on jewelry…yay for buy one get one free sales!20140308-084054.jpg

Running around in the Lobby….she had to keep checking on the men working outside on the pool20140308-084107.jpg

Taking a quick pic to send to Daddy!



We celebrated Justin’s birthday while we were there, Libby loved helping open his presents!20140308-084149.jpg

Happy Birthday Daddy!

I will spare you from ALL my selfie pics to prove we did go by the Alamo…but then this guy showed up just before we left! So I had to get a family pic…


A really sweet couple actually offered to take our pic right after witnessing this unfortunate picture taking place haha! It somehow didn’t make it into my uploaded pictures..but don’t worry…we did get a good family pic 🙂


This little store was awesome…and had super fun chairs that Libby loved!


This was not from the trip…but Libby and I running errands after we got home…but I just had to post this cuteness!20140308-084316.jpg

Happy Saturday!

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