Expected and the Unexpected

The past week was full of fun and things we expected along with some unexpected but fun things…and a few not so fun unexpected things (like getting sick! yuck!)

The weekend started off with Mom and Dad driving down to Houston for my cousin David and his soon-to-be wife’s wedding shower in Kingwood. SO since the  HLSR was happening we (me and my brother) thought it would be fun to do that with them. Sidenote: My Dad used to show livestock and has a whole case full of ribbons (hint hint..he was pretty darn good at it) so I was really excited to go with someone who knew what they were looking at and who could tell me what was going on during the actual rodeo part haha! It was super fun walking around seeing all the animals and watching Libby experience it all. She is so funny…she is so obsessed with animals but does not want them getting too close to her! I was most excited about the petting zoo, but I think she was just as happy just looking 🙂


Expected: Going to the Rodeo with the fam

Unexpected: Libby sleeping until 9:30am..and then taking no nap! eek! (thankfully we made it through the day with a only a few breakdowns)


Getting a ride from Pops since the walk from the parking lot to the tram was kind of forever away


Waiting to get on the tram with Giddy and Pops


Pops telling the girls what they were looking at 🙂

IMG_8175 IMG_8186 IMG_8196

Then came the petting zoo…

IMG_4059 IMG_8211 IMG_8220

“too close, a little too close”


Stealing some kisses in the middle of the petting zoo 😀


Walking with Uncle Lance to look at the baby animals

IMG_8255 IMG_8247

Happy Giddy and Pops holding their two favorite girls

This next part was Libby’s favorite! They got to plant things, feed chickens, pet sheep, pretend milk a cow…and some more stuff that I can’t remember…but it was fun!!


We ran into Gingers sweet sister Amber so she was able to get a picture of all of us minus Justin 🙁 He was at work…and he can’t get near the rodeo without needing an epi-pen (no exaggeration)


Ready to put some stuff in her basket!


Showing off her carrot that she planted and grew (it all happened in a matter of 30 seconds..amazing! ha!)

IMG_8280 IMG_8285 IMG_8286

Next up was the actual rodeo! Libby was ecstatically clapping her hands the whole time and ooing and ahhing over everything. I think she liked it…and the miracle of it all? She was still happy at 9pm…and had no nap that day-mission accomplished!

IMG_4062 IMG_4073 IMG_4070

We really did have so much fun that day…we were all EXHAUSTED and were not expected it to be quite as crazy as it was…but all in all it was a good day.

The next day Ginger, Mom and I drove up to Kingwood for my cousins shower, it was beautiful and we are thrilled to welcome Kaleigh into the family! Elizabeth was also there but had already left to go with some friends to the rodeo…apparently Hunter Hayes is a big deal in teenage girl world 😉


Expected: Hanging out with the parentals over the weekend

Unexpected and much to my delight: Hanging out with them for an entire week!

So originally this where the weekend would have ended (with the exception of hanging out with family for the rest of that day..) BUT Justin was going to be out of town that following week and on Saturday afternoon my dad said, “why don’t you just drive back with us to Borger and go back whenever Justin goes back home!” and without much hesitation (and after talking it over with the hubs) I said, “well, ok!”.  So Sunday morning we hopped in the car and went to Borger with Giddy and Pops! Here are a few i-phone pics..

IMG_4077 IMG_4080 IMG_4094 IMG_4102 IMG_4103 IMG_4105 IMG_4107

Expected: Major dust storm (in Borger) and Major pollen over load (in Houston)

Unexpected: Both things making Justin and I both SICK! I’m still not sure if mine was all allergies since I had a fever…Dr. said it looked like the start of strep…all I know is  I don’t think my throat has ever hurt that bad.


Thankfully I had my Mom and Dad to take care of me and Libby 🙂 We were so thankful to be with them for that unexpected week even if we did feel pretty crummy most of the time.
We flew back Friday and were picked up by the very missed husband/daddy.

The rest of the weekend we rested for the most part and did a little hanging out with some friends the other part.


Libby and sweet Bryson chattin it up in the little house.

IMG_4121 IMG_4122

The girl was POOPED!


 Now, it’s time to catch up on fun things like laundry, bills and getting this house back in order!

Happy Monday!


  1. Hope you’re feeling better! What a fun unexpected trip! Libby’s hair has gotten so long!

    • lanashea says:

      Much,MUCH better! and yes, it’s so long now..crazy. Loved your sweet announcement on the blog today!!! 😀

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