Detox Week

All last week I called it detox week because for 3 weeks straight, we didn’t really have a normal schedule and Libby was getting a lot of attention from lots of different family members…don’t get me wrong…it was AWESOME but then Monday came…and it went back to just being me & the Libster during the day…and back to attempting to not have the paci except for during sleepy time, eating the food I put out for her and not getting 110% attention Needless to say-I had a very clingy-cry-at-the-drop-of-a-hat little girl for a few days. I think we have  recovered and are back in a groove 🙂 Some i-phone photos from our detoxing…


Honey Bear needed some medicine to help with the detox, too 😉


Going to Monkey Bizness with fun friends helped out A LOT on the dreary few days we had here in Houston.

IMG_4150 IMG_4144 IMG_4143

And seeing her birthday friend, Davis! They are exactly one year apart…and now like to give each other kisses… can see me laughing in the back ground haha! They were so serious about it and it just cracked me right up.



I got these jammies for her when we were in Amarillo thinking they would be too big and she would grow into them and this is the face I made upon finding out they FIT!



THEN the BEST part of the week came when I got to see my cousin Ashley!!  She flew in from San Diego (her new home) to spend a few days with her sister Alisha and super cute niece Emery. Alisha lives in College Station which is only an hour from us and so on their way back from the airport they came by and we got to hang out for a good bit and have dinner together. I am so thankful that we are all still  close even if we do all live in different places. Growing up a block away from each other and spending literally almost every single day in the summers together (well lets face it, and the rest of the year since we went to the same schools, ha!) makes it feel like we are more like sisters than cousins. All that to say…it made my heart happy to spend time with them 🙂

Libby and Emery discussing serious things in life like should we throw a fit or eat like our parents want us to?


Love all 4 of the girls in this picture!



On Saturday, our neighbors had a crawfish boil. Libby ate like 15 of them and LOVED it. Libby and I had opposite feelings towards these crawfish. I had fun watching (and taking pictures) of Justin peeling them for her and watching the two of them eat them 🙂


IMG_4173 IMG_4162 IMG_4167 IMG_4159 IMG_4170


The entire weekend was a beautiful one..we got home from church on Sunday and snapped a few pics of this pretty girl sitting on the porch.


IMG_4181 IMG_4183

Then we went to cheer on Justin at his softball game! Libby loudly cheered the entire time by clapping, pointing and says DA-DAAAAA (when she wasn’t busy picking up dirt and trash). Cutest thing.



Today we are back to the normal…isn’t wearing bear ears in the grocery store normal? It is for us these days!


Happy Monday!

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