Valentines Day 2014

We aren’t big Valentines Day’ers (although I am big on making up my own words..:) ) but we did have a fun Valentines weekend. We got home from skiing on the Thursday before Valentines and Justin had that friday off because we weren’t positive as to when we’d actually get home from the trip. So we had a fun day just the three of us then his parents volunteered to have a Grandparents Valentine slumber party with all the grand-kids…so fun! We loaded Libby up and she headed to Mama and Papa Kates’ house to play with her cousins Jonah and Joanna. It looked and sounded like everyone had a great time. In the mean time…Justin and I just went HOME and it was beautiful. He grilled up some steaks and we watched 2 movies…our kind of perfect night.  Some pics from the weekend…


We had actually gone to get donuts that morning and I somehow missed getting any pictures…but I did get pics of these two sharing kisses and cookies at lunch..

IMG_8140 IMG_8134 IMG_8112

Little cheese ball!

IMG_8092 IMG_8084

Telling me to “shhh”…Daddy was taking a nap!


When you are not on top of your game for Valentines Day you blow up left over pink balloons from a birthday party!

IMG_8050 IMG_8039

Daddy surprised Libby with a HUGE balloon that she LOVED and me some pretty red roses 🙂

IMG_3561 IMG_3575


Then we headed to the slumber party!

IMG_8148 IMG_8158

Justin with the two littles…Joanna (13 1/2 mths) and Libby (almost 19 mths)


The next day we went to the park because it was GORGEOUS

IMG_3608 IMG_3603 IMG_3600 IMG_3597


Then on Monday we had more Valentines celebrating at Tiny Tots and Tunes!

Trying to get a picture but the girl couldn’t stop yawning…sweet pea was tired!


Dancing away!

IMG_3670 IMG_3662 IMG_3636


So that was our Valentines weekend…it was a fun one! Hope yours was as well 🙂


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