I-Phone Dump

Ok, so that title doesn’t sound very pleasant does it? haha! But it is staying put because well…I couldn’t come up with anything else 🙂 Anyways-you are getting exactly what the title says…..enjoy!

She has recently decided to wear these Baylor Bear ears…a lot!




As well as putting her sunglasses on

IMG_3397Working on Valentines that we made…loved the stamping part, hated the painting part…and yes we wore jammies that entire day


Sweet cheesy smiles

The girl is obsessed with putting our shoes on…and her own. Surprisingly she usually gets them on the right feet!

IMG_3424 IMG_3687

Oh my word I laugh out loud everytime I look at the pic…Lib and Emery

IMG_3691 IMG_3720
IMG_3708The following pics you will see a certain child (ahem mine…) not wanting the other sweet one to have her Honey Bear…the beginnings of lessons on sharing  🙂


Hair is long enough for a pony!


Loving the weather lately…high of 70’s! It’s been beautiful…so we run around with bubbles!

IMG_3764 IMG_3767




And we go to the Zoo!IMG_3774 IMG_3778 IMG_3785 IMG_3787

And get to play in fun bounce houses at our neighbors birthday party!


My SIL Janel’s birthday is actually today (Happy Birthday Janel, we love you!) and Justin’s is coming up soon (March 6th)..so we all got together last night to celebrate both birthdays. Some how neither Justin or I made it into any pictures..or Joanna…or Mama and Papa Kates…but they and we were present…because I know you’d all be wondering 😉


The cousins were on a sugar high from ice-cream and running around like crazy chasing each other. Too much fun…and they were too cute to stop them.

IMG_3819 IMG_3818 IMG_3830

Last pic from the dump is from this morning before Tiny Tots and Tunes…she was just too cute to not take a picture. She was very smiley until they started the lawn mower up across the street and then this face was all I could get haha! I’ll take it 🙂 IMG_3841

Happy Monday! Thanks for hanging in there on this very random post 🙂 Oh and I haven’t forgotten about my posts on A Million Little Ways…but y’all it’s so good. I am going super slow not because it’s a hard read but because it is THAT good..I keep re-reading parts. Go get it!


  1. Too much preciousness in one body!!! Thanks for sharing !

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