Catching Up…

The past month has been a whirlwind to say the least with a LOT of ups and downs,  but both ends of the spectrum were full of reminders of Gods grace and faithfulness and for that I am grateful. I am not going to go into detail about the down times but I will however catch you up on the fun and happy times we’ve had the last couple of weeks! 🙂

First Catch-Up is our ski trip to Taos with my side of the family. We grew up skiing 2 or 3 times a year since we were 4 (Lance was 3…)…needless to say we are kind of obsessed with it and it is one of our families favorite past times if you will. I have to say all of that because it had been THREE LONG YEARS since I had been able to go skiing…so now you understand why that sounds like an eternity to me! BUT when you move to Houston and skiing isn’t quite as cheap or easy to get to, you just don’t get to go as often. Don’t worry I’m dealing…;) We were so so thankful for my parents who graciously took us on this trip…all we had to do was get there! Mom stayed at the lodge with the kiddoes which allowed the rest of us 3 full days of skiings…thanks Mom! Here are some pictures we got…some real camera, some i-phone…you know the drill be prepared for more pictures than you probably want to look at 🙂 IMG_7878 IMG_3524

You can’t really see the dog but there was a really sweet dog and Libby was in heaven looking…not touching…the dog 🙂

IMG_3539 IMG_3541 IMG_3503 IMG_3486

Libby and Nora “sharing” cheerios…Libby is still working on her sharing 🙂


Libby has the serious face down for pictures so Pops joined in


I mean…so cute.

IMG_3460 IMG_3509IMG_3437

Beautiful sunset on our drive in

IMG_8023 IMG_8016 IMG_8011


IMG_7997 IMG_7987 IMG_7965 IMG_7948 IMG_7935

Kisses from daddy…heart melted


Learning how to make snowballs..


The following two pictures proved a few things..1.Libby likes to run and stand in the snow… 2. She does not like to sit or get her hands IN the snow…3. I am a bad  mom and laughed at her drama of getting her hands cold and wet…4.She is her father’s daughter

IMG_7886 IMG_7884

I’ve said before and I will say it again..Libby is a champ on car rides! She spent about 15-16 hours in that car seat (with breaks of course) on the way there…with only one melt down in that last hour…and on the way home? NO MELTDOWNS…I’m telling you…a champ!

IMG_3544 IMG_3536

Just cracking herself up…love that girl.

Ok, so I think I did pretty good this time at not bombarding you with a MILLION pictures…just a few of my faves.

Random…I decided to give Water color painting a whirl after being inspired by my friend Lissa…(who is an amazing artist, photographer, God fearing girl..the list could go on) who posted a bunch of different paintings she did that she is selling to help with their sweet families adoption process! Go check them out…seriously you will probably end up buying one!




I definitely am not as talented and won’t be selling them but I didn’t think it was as terrible as I thought it would turn out…and it was super relaxing and a fun hobby to do when Libby is napping!

Well folks that’s it for today…next up…Valentine’s Day 2014!



  1. Yay!! I love all the pics! And I especially love your artwork!! Great job!

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