The rest of Christmas…and New Years!

You may have thought I would never hold up my promise of finishing our Christmas post but here it is!

The day after we got back from Borger we went to Mama and Papa Kates’ house for Christmas with the fam over there. Uncle Dave and his family were in town as well-we always love getting to see them and their sweet girls! Photo credits from this night pretty much all go to Jordan because we are horrible and totally forgot our camera and my cell died half way through the events 🙁 Thankful she got some good ones!


Another new purse! It was the year of purses!


Jonah with his Camo fort we got him 🙂

IMG_3286 IMG_3283

Holdinig onto her Lady Bug girl from Aunt Jo and testing out her new chair from Papa and Mama Kates!


Girl talk


Matching boots!


 Libby LOVED going through this tunnel


On New Years day we met up with my Uncle Mark and his whole family and Lance, Gin and Nora for lunch. It was so great spending sometime with them…you’d think living 45 minutes (if that) from each other we’d all see each other more often than we do! After lunch, we took Libby to Lances house and watched football while she napped and had dinner over there.




 Libby loved putting this over head….it was pretty hilarious.

THEN-Granny came to town! We were very happy about this and were glad to spend some time with her 🙂


Libby checkin Granny out!

Needless to say we were on the go for a good week after we got back from Borger but it was all worth it and so much fun! I think we all took a full week to recover from all the Holiday happenings. Now it’s already almost Valentines Day! Where is time going? Sheesh. Any big plans for V-Day? Cute ideas for the kiddos? Let me know!

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