Christmas 2013

Wow! Christmas has come and gone-ours was a wonderful AND white one!  Many memories were made that I know we will cherish forever. It was a busy couple of weeks though so get prepared for a lot of pictures. I was going to do Christmas in parts but I am just going to lump it (mostly) all into one big post!

Before we left for Borger we had our own little family Christmas with just the 3 of us-we started this tradition the first year we were married and I LOVE it. Because of traveling days etc. our Christmas ended up being on a Wednesday night. I made an AWESOME roast (if I do say so myself) using The Pioneer Woman’s recipe with mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, cranberry sauce and some other yumminess. After we enjoyed dinner we opened presents! Libby was slow to start but man once she got the hang of it she was all about opening any present in sight-for the rest of Christmas haha! Then we went to look at Christmas lights at a neighborhood that was semi-close to us. We loved it and Libby snoozed the entire time 🙂 Here are some photos from that night (a bit out of order due to me being lazy..)


Attempting a family photo-Libby was thrilled.

IMG_7328 IMG_7308 IMG_7303 IMG_7296 IMG_7290 IMG_7288 IMG_7285

Libby was SO excited about this purse! She loves putting things in it and then taking it all back out…over and over!


Some of Libby’s gifts were delayed due to the massive snow storm that happened the week before so she got to open those the next day 🙂

IMG_7359 IMG_7356


Next up was our trip to Borger! We got to actually be IN Borger for a full week-not counting traveling days-I can’t remember the last time we got to do that. It was nice not to feel rushed the whole time trying to see as many people as possible. Although, I think I would need more like 2 weeks to actually see all my friends I would’ve loved to see or go to all my favorite places I like to go when there. But the most important thing was we got some really great quality time with my side of the family. If you follow us on instagram you may have seen some  of our activities but here they are again (and I’m sure a lot more that either my Dad or Gin took that I don’t have yet on my computer). Here a few of the pictures we took (you may think this is not a “few” but out of the 550 that we took…it’s just a few haha!)


The morning after we arrived it began to snow-and continued until we had about 5 inches! We were so excited! So we took Libby out to play in the snow for the first time 🙂

IMG_7365IMG_7370 IMG_7373 IMG_7381 IMG_7384 IMG_7393IMG_7388 IMG_7398 IMG_7401



The next big event was Christmas Eve! I somehow didn’t get many pictures from this on my camera…but here are a couple. Christmas Eve is spent with my moms side of the family. Our traditions had to change a bit since it was the first year we had babies at the festivities but it was still so much fun to all be together and for everyone to be there!


IMG_7417 IMG_7421

Libby’s favorite spot to sit at my parents house.



She LOVED playing the piano-and for the most part was really gentle. She even helped me play a few tunes 🙂


Lance, Ginger and Nora arrived on Christmas Eve so Nora got in on the piano playing action, too!


Reading with Ashley…sort of! ha!

Then Christmas Morning came! Growing up Christmas morning is when we would open all our gifts and stockings-then have a big breakfast (breakfast casserole, homemade cinnamon rolls, bacon…you name it and we probably have it!) I love love love it. You will see that we definitely all just woke up and didn’t do anything to get ready-but that’s part of the fun 🙂

IMG_7467 IMG_7459 IMG_7456 IMG_7453

I literally laugh out loud everytime I look at this picture! To me she is saying, “stop making us take pictures and let us open these presents!!!”IMG_7461


Libby helped take everyone’s present to them…and for the most part took it to the right person every time!

IMG_7489 IMG_7491 IMG_7492

Nora sitting patiently waiting to open presents.



Happy to open her gifts (and attempting to get everyone elses!)



Modeling her cute boots from Uncle Mark and Aunt Sonya


Another purse with a puppy inside!


Just a few of her gifts-she was spoiled this year (and as parents we were VERY thankful!)

IMG_7512 IMG_7502

 Thank you so much for all the fun gifts Pops, Giddy,Uncle Lance, Aunt Gin and Memaw!

After breakfast we all got ready for the day. Mom and Dad made some seriously delicious food for a late lunch, we played games, napped and just enjoyed relaxing.


Holding her new puppy while making sure Pepper was doing OK outside in the snow.


Attempting to get a pic of these matching cuties and this is what they do…ha!


” Oh my gosh. We showed up in the same outfit!”

After a few (or a million) pics later we got these sweet smiles!


Family photo-cheeeeeeese! (Libby thought it was opposite day)


Libby with Giddy and Pops.

IMG_7631 IMG_7633

Uncle Lance was nice and played with Libby while the rest of us played game. Her idea of a game was taking all the dominos out and putting them all back in. Again and again and again..


We actually got some pictures of ALL of us that were there…but not on my camera!

The rest of the break we spent some time with Memaw, went and hung out with Rene, Jeff and my cousins, and saw some really sweet friends (thanks for coming by Keri and Shanna!) I know you are all really disappointed at this point that I don’t have many more pictures left, but here are a few from our last days there.


Emery with her NeNe


Wheeerrrreees Emery?? Playing with Ornaments!


Trying to get a pic of all 3 girls in their matching outfits that Aunt Ne got them!


and this is what everyone looks like trying to get them to be happy and take a picture!

IMG_7706 IMG_7720

Crazy family pic! I could have done a whole post of just the outtakes from this!

IMG_7770 IMG_7776

The girls loved going up and down this hall!

IMG_7788 IMG_7790 IMG_7808 IMG_7838

Playing with Memaw!


WOO! If you are still hangin’ with me…there is going to have to be Part 2 because I haven’t even gotten to our Kates Family Christmas yet which happened the day after we got back! Stay tuned!


  1. Yay! I loved seeing all of your pics! I’m so glad you post several!! I can’t get over how stinkin cute your family is! All of you! 🙂

  2. Kim Terry says:

    Such a fun and special week! Sweet memories❤️

  3. Brittney Ford says:

    Love the pictures – especially Libby in her snowsuit! What fun memories of your precious girl!!

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