18 Month Update

I’m not really sure how we already have an 18 month old, but we do! People aren’t kidding around when they say to savor every moment because it goes by so quickly.


Height: 31 3/4 in. (47%)

Weight: 18lbs 15 oz (7%)

Eats almost anything you give her…most of the time 🙂

Takes one nap a day-usually for 2 hours.

Still sleeps from about 8-7ish without waking up…until recently which I think has to do with teething..

Cutting her 4 canines all at the same right now-super fun.

Climbing on EVERYTHING.

Loves slides, reading, her stuffed animals, being outside, bubbles, climbing up and down stairs,Pepper, bath time and brushing her teeth.

Starting to say more words clearer and more consistently (down, dog, juice, yep, no, mama, dada, duck, pout-pout….that ones from a book haha, and all sorts of animal sounds). She will randomly say other words like please and thank you but not very consistently.

I’m sure I am forgetting all kinds of things-but one thing I do know is this girl is a bundle of joy. She is constantly cracking us up, so sweet with all her hugs and kisses and quite simply makes life more fun. So thankful I get to spend these days with her at home, and although they aren’t always easy or fun days-every moment is worth it.  Here is an i-phone dump of some random pictures from this past month…



Did I mention she loves climbing? Monkey Bizness is the perfect place for her!


I turned my back for 2 seconds and she decided to go ahead and get in the tub…with clothes on. She thought it was hilarious…


Her outfit choice for a solid 3 days was wearing this hat and jacket…with everything.


Sweet giggles and smiles


First time to climb into the dining room chairs by herself…yay for her…oh no for me!


Fun at the park!


Pretty girl on her 18 month birthday!

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