Christmas Faves

We are in full Christmas spirit around our house these days and I am loving it! We decorated the day after Thanksgiving so that we could enjoy it for a good amount of time before traveling to Borger for Christmas. I feel like this year I am getting to just enjoy the season a little bit more and while doing so have discovered some new Christmas season favorites that I thought I’d share!


First up: Christmas MUSIC. Ahhh my MOST favorite thing…not so much the silly fun songs-(which don’t get me wrong-love those, too!) but the ones that you can’t help but worship through them and remember the true meaning of Christmas and why we celebrate. So while I have many favorites I have just recently fallen in love with this album…

Second: I had watched many people posting about Elf on the Shelf and really thought that would be something I would really want to do with Libby, and then I found this:

    • girl-2013

This is the same idea of Elf on the Shelf except it has a book that tells the story of Christmas and talks about how it is better to give than to receive and gold glitter to leave messages in. Needless to say that as soon as I discovered this I quickly made the shift from doing EOTS to doing The Christmas Angel. I love that it will teach Libby (and remind me) where our focus needs to be during this season.

Go here to learn more about it:


Third (and my last one for today): Christmas shows-movies, musicals, movies made for TV that are really cheesy…any Christmas show that I can watch I LOVE but I especially love the Christmas shows my church puts on every year. I mean y’all…it’s amazing.

Event Image

I am not exaggerating and for those that have seen it you would agree with me. While I am not actually performing in it this year (which I am missing but also loving not being so busy this year and having more time to enjoy with family) I would HIGHLY encourage you to go if you can…it’s worth it to go even if you have to drive an hour or two to get there. I promise. Go here to check out more details:

NOW last plug for my church but if you are in the Cypress Area or even College Station/Bryan area and would like a FREE…yes I said FREE…Christmas show that my church also does at the Berry Center in Cypress it is amazing as well and PERFECT for kids. Go here to learn more about this show:

Event Image

That’s it for today! What are some of your Christmas faves??


  1. My favorite is the hope that I get to see you during the break!!! 😉 How about that?!?! I get out of school on the 14th. How long will you be in Borger? Maybe I can drive down with the boys one afternoon? Let me know! I’d love to see you and the Libster!!

    • Yes yes yesssss!!!!! We get there the Saturday before Christmas and are staying through the next Saturday! Let’s make it happen! Love you friend!

  2. Tricia Berngen says:

    Thanks for posting about the Christmas Angel! I hadn’t heard of this! I didn’t really want to do EOTS, but wanted something to do with the kiddos. Already ordered our Angel! Excited to do it and focus on the real meaning of Christmas! 🙂

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