Where in the world did October go?

My last posting was more than a month ago…how in the world was that more than a month ago?? By the way…if you are wondering I decided to not sell anything for the time being. My full focus and attention needs to be on taking care of my family and being the best Wife, Mama, sister, daughter, friend etc. that I can be.

So in hopes of getting back into a regular blogging routine I am going to do a re-cap of October (even though it is already the middle of November). Lets see…where to begin…(also-after attempting a few times I couldn’t get these to move into the order I would like them…I also realize that some pictures a bigger than others…bare with me 😀 )



Our first Fall outfit-wearing a sweater is rare in October in Houston! We were excited!


Then we changed into our Cowboys gear to cheer them on…and also watch to see if we could find Giddy, Pops, Uncle Lance, Aunt Ginger and Nora in the crowd!


Libby loves going outside…especially when she can take her very best friends-Honey Bear and Puppy


The next weekend was full of Celebrations…the first being the celebration of my cousin David getting engaged. Yay!


Giddy and Pops were in town for the celebration so we got to see them, too!


The next big celebration was Papa Kates turning 60! The babies really do love him…just weren’t into smiling at this moment in time. Libby was super cranky that night and we found out why early the next morning…


We had both caught the stomach bug! Yuck! She did manage to let me catch her smiling…


and rocking and reading 🙂


This is random…but she likes to go talk to her reflection in the dryer haha. Cracks me UP!


Playing outside in the beautiful weather with her new leopard shoes!

IMG_2480 IMG_2483

We also went to Baylor Homecoming for the first time as a family…it was SO FUN and SO STINKIN COLD! We were not prepared…straight to the book store for blankets and sweats. haha!

IMG_2530 IMG_2543

Libby loved the game and apparently already is a big Baylor Bears fan like her daddy!


We had her 15 month appointment and as a treat afterwards got to have lunch with Meredith 🙂


Doing a little dancing..we were all smiles until she dove head first into the concrete


Not a great pic but you can see the damage. She is a tough girl.


Finally enjoying veggies again-yay!

The next few pictures are from Justin getting ordained as a Deacon. Words can not describe how proud of him I am. At the ordination he was asked to give his testimony (cue the tears). God is faithful and so so good, all the time.

10-23-13 - 9 10-23-13 - 1

It was a very special time for everyone that was there and involved.

That next week we went to the Zoo with Ginger and Nora because they were having a pumpkin patch day! This was such a fun day. There were a lot more pictures, but at this point you are probably getting tired of all them 🙂 So here are just a few.

10-25-13 - 39 10-25-13 - 37 10-25-13 - 34


The Lady Bug Girl tutu I made her (with some sewing lessons from Memaw while she was in town) for her Halloween costume…


That she despised at first…


Then loved once we got rid of the wings and antennae! Pig tails it is…still super cute though if I do say so myself.


Being cute and letting Mommy take a million pictures.


Daddy flying Lady bug girl around (ya know…since she doesn’t have wings..)


Celebrating Lances birthday!

10-31-13 - 12 10-31-13 - 18

It doesn’t look like it in this picture but Lady Bug Girl and That cute owl really love each other 🙂

Well that about does it for October-I’m sure I left out something-it was a very busy but very fun month!


  1. What a full month! I loved every memory of it!

  2. Haha the dryer thing cracks me up! She is so stinkin cute! And that las pic of her and Nora 😉

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