Happy “I Met You” Day!

5 years ago today (it was actually just the day before Thanksgiving that year so obviously it was a different date…but every year the day before Thanksgiving this is what I think about!) I met my  best friend for life, the one I can always depend on, the one who makes me laugh like no one else can and the one who knows me better than I think I know myself sometimes. I will forever be grateful that my now father-in-law decided to let Justin off work early that day to go play a little soccer and that I randomly decided to go hang out with my friend Bethany in the stands to watch while waiting for my family to get in town. Thanksgiving always makes me thankful but every year I am especially thankful for the events that God orchestrated that day and the month afterwards.

SO in honor of this day…here are some pictures from our dating days 🙂



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  1. Ashley Graves says:

    Love it! Y’all are so fun!

  2. So great!!!! Love y’all! I’ll never forget the first time I was with y’all together – made me so happy to see my cousin sooooooooooo giddy happy!!!

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