Giving Life to Your Home

I read this recently in a book that I am reading by Sarah Mae and wanted to share…at the end you’ll find some gems that I found while looking through some pictures 🙂


10 Ways to Give Life to Your Home

1. Retrain our tongues to give words that encourage, comfort and edify others.

2. Offer life-giving and grace-filled words to husband and children.

3. Make our homes a place of grace where mistakes and sins are not met with anger but with love and hope.

4. Decorate our homes to make home a place of beauty. Beauty raises life above mere existence. 

5. Develop necessary cleaning skills and habits; clutter causes stress.

6. Face our anger, anxiety, fear and depression. Our homes reflect our mental/spiritual/emotional health. Ask the Lord to replace these emotions with faith and hope.

7. Plan regular times away from home to rejuvenate and gain perspective.

8.Persevere in planning fun activities for family on weekends or ordinary weekdays.

9. Play praise or worship music to lift everyone’s spirits.

10. Ask the Lord: What areas of my home are causing stress or bringing spiritual/emotional/mental ‘deadness’? What can I do to bring life to those places instead to make them a place of refuge?




And on a completely unrelated note-well not really because this girl does bring life to our home as well as her daddy….so for your viewing pleasure this is what happens when Daddy is in charge of bath time 🙂 IMG_6596 IMG_6602


  1. Brittney Ford says:

    Love this! Thanks for the encouragement, Lana!

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