Wow-it’s been a while since I have updated…mostly because I haven’t had anything SUPER exciting to talk about or big events going on 🙂  I will warn you though this post is pretty much all words. And they aren’t insightful…it is a long story about this past week. SO if you are here for cute pictures OR don’t feel like reading a lot. I would stop now and come back later when those cute pictures and not very many words come back to visit haha.

A little over a week ago Libby started acting a little fussier than normal and her eyes just had that “I’m sick” look to them. Dark circles, tired looking…the works. Then came the runny nose, sneezes, cough and fever. She had a low grade temp for about 3 days when I finally took her to the doctor a week ago yesterday. Thankfully, I had already figured out who our new doctor would be in Cypress and gotten all the paper work transferred before this (btw we LOVE our new doctor) so we didn’t have to go far. Dr. Yu took a look at Libby’s ear and apparently had a raging ear infection (her words) and was surprised at how happy Libby was being with how bad her ear looked. Then she looked in her throat and said she had blisters just covering the back of her throat-this is called Herpangina (I really don’t like saying this word-it just sounds gross).

All that to say-Libby has the last word that I shall not say (type) again…twice before so I knew what the doctors would say next…the four words I have grown to despise….Hand. Foot. Mouth. Disease. She assured me that it might not be that but it had been going around and a lot of times if you have the blisters on your throat it will turn into HFMD.

Well lo and behold-guess who got it? Libby. For the second time this year. (sigh) So I gathered all my natural remedies (because you can’t do anything to help HFMD except try and make your baby as comfortable as possible..and try and speed up the healing process) that I had researched that I used last time that seemed to work-along with a few others I had learned about and we went home to our isolation as to not spread it around Houston anymore…because seriously…you don’t want to get this. Or maybe Libby has just had the worst kind…maybe you have been lucky and it hasn’t been very bad. But Libby’s was bad…and not pretty.

Thankfully-she is a trooper and for the most part you would have never known that she had an ear infection, HFMD AND was cutting her molars.

All of this was going on-and I was supposed to be leaving on that following Thursday to go on a super awesome fun bday trip for my sweet friend Cori. Well on Wednesday-I had a fever. (BTW at this point I was under the impression that adults can’t get this gross disease…) and by Wednesday night I too had sores on my throat. I thought-oh well this is just perfect! I woke up Thursday, still had a fever, still my throat was hurting but I was not going to miss this girls trip (Cori’s sweet hubby was flying her and her besties to Scottsdale, AZ to have a long weekend at a resort there). I loaded up on all sorts of vitamins, herbs and advil-took Libby to her Mama Kates’ house (thank you for taking such good care of our sick girl!!) and off we went.

My fever had stayed consistently gone by Friday evening and I was feeling much better. Then Saturday came and  I had a minor freak out when bumps started showing up on my hands and feet on Saturday which you know what that meant. Thankfully, they didn’t get too bad. So I stayed a good distance from the other girls and hopefully none of them get sick! It helped that all we did was lay by the pool from 10-5 all Friday and Saturday so I was able to rest a lot AND have some amazing girl time. We had an absolute BLAST. Cori has some sweet sweet friends and I felt so blessed to get to be a part of that group for the weekend. If you’ve never been to Scottsdale I highly recommend going…maybe not in the middle of the summer since it would be stinking HOT…but it is beautiful, has great shopping, golfing (if you are into that), and some fantastic restaurants. Cori posted a great blog about the trip-so if you want to see pictures from the trip you can go here:

Justin got back in town Thursday evening so he was able to stay home with Libby all weekend (and judging by the pictures I was getting-they were having a blast with their Father/Daughter weekend). He is such an amazing Daddy and even had the house all picked up when I got back home!

I still have a sore throat-so I don’t know what that’s about…but oh well! Maybe its allergies….

If you have made it to the end of this post I am seriously applauding you right now. I’m pretty sure this is my most boring post ever. I apologize and promise to have something more exciting posted soon 🙂




  1. What a fun trip we had! I’m so thankful that you were able to go! Hope you and Libby are feeling better!

  2. Hope that ole HFMD is gone for good!

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