Taking a break

You may or may not have seen that I have announced that I am getting off facebook…after today. I’ve already had questions of why and skepticism. I am not always good at explaining myself and why I think the way I think so be patient with me, but it all boils down to a few things.

1. I catch myself looking at my phone (facebook) way more than I should (because we all know one thing leads to another and wait it’s been how long?) which in turn causes me to ignore Libby or Justin once he gets home.

2. I have found myself doing way too much judging, comparing myself to things that I shouldn’t be, and being jealous about this or that-just being honest.

Neither of these things are healthy.

Facebook is not the only thing I am taking a break from. I am also trying to take a break from TV-not a full out never watching TV again or at all-but being more careful with what I watch. No matter how I try to justify it (and I am super great at justifying things)…most things on TV are just not good for the soul anymore.

“Do you change what you believe every time you watch TV, hear someone speak, or read a book or blog?” Joni Jones

I don’t necessarily change what I believe just from watching a television show-but I sure let things slide and by watching certain things I am supporting what those TV shows stand for. You might think I am being too dramatic about this but folks I am so TIRED of just letting things go because I don’t want to step on toes, want to satisfy my selfish desires OR  trying to justify it by saying..”it’s just a show!”. It is more than that…it is what you are filling your mind with for at LEAST 30 minutes a day if not more than that. I don’t want to fill myself with that kind of stuff anymore…well my flesh certainly will want to (especially if the show looks like it is full of mystery and drama haha)…but I feel very strongly that this is something the Lord is wanting me to do.

So there ya go. There is so much more but I don’t know right now how to put in words. It may not make sense to you and that’s ok…if you’d like to talk about it I’d love to…just comment or email me 🙂



  1. Brittney Ford says:

    I totally understand why you’re getting off FB…I’ve caught myself doing #1, too, and I just hate that! Time with Connor is so much more important than FB. Glad we can still keep up on instagram and blogs 🙂

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