Front Porch Make-Over

Well kind of…it still has a lot of work including adding some plants and flowers BUT we DID do a few things over the past week.

We had been looking for a bench or something to sit on for the front porch and Justin found one on Craigs List that we LOVED. Turns out it was just a couple who likes to make patio furniture in their spare time-awesome! So last week on Justin’s way home from his trip to Louisiana he surprised me with it-so you better believe it wasn’t even 48 hours and I was already at Home Depot picking out some paint to paint it with. Now-some may think that choosing a color called Sunshine Yellow would only be appropriate for Β JUST the summer, or a beach house or a small accent piece but by golly I love bright things and I decided “Who cares what everyone else thinks-I like it!” I apologize to my neighbors if they are not fans of bright colors…but it really does just make me happy πŸ™‚

ANYWAYS-we spray painted it-my fingers and fore arms got sore (how sad is that?) and had it sitting on the porch by Sunday evening. Justin wanted some seat cushions to go on it and said “Hey, remember that sewing machine I got you for Christmas-you could make seat cushions!” to which I responded “YES! (while freaking out inside I have made ZILCH since getting it)”.

So Libby and I took a trip to Hobby Lobby to pick out some fabric, I researched blogs, got a tutor session from my sister-n-law Ginger and tried to remember what my Memaw taught me and got started on the cushions.

I got everything sewn, with only a few mistakes and then realized I had NO idea how to sew up the last side doing an invisible seam. Well-my cousin Alisha came to the rescue and taught me how!

So there ya go…my first sewing project and hopefully not the last. Sorry to bored you with this post πŸ™‚ Here a few pictures-I had intended on taking pictures along the way but this is all I got!


This is how to NOT sew a seam πŸ™‚



After I corrected my ways and did it the right way πŸ™‚

IMG_1868 IMG_1885 IMG_1888

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