Justin and I had been trying to plan a weekend get away for quite some time and due to many factors we hadn’t been able to go. I mean let’s get real…the main reason we hadn’t gone was because I honestly could not bring myself to leave Libby for an entire 48 hours. Some of you that do not have children may think, “come on she is almost 11 months old!” and some of you that do have children still may be thinking, “come on she is almost 11 months old!” ha! But it was hard for me…I think mostly because during the week during school I wasn’t seeing her much anyways so to think about leaving during the time when I was getting to spend time with her was just not going to happen.

All that to say…the weekend had finally come and Justin’s parents graciously said they would keep the Libster while we were gone.

Let me just tell you-I am SO GLAD that we went. We were able to reconnect and have really good conversations and pray over the next year for us as a family.

We went to Fredricksburg and stayed in a little cabin outside of town where we were greeted with donkeys in the morning and deer the rest of the day. Most of Saturday we walked up and down Main St. going in and out of all the cute stores,eating yummy food and taking pictures of all the pretty flowers! Enjoy a few pics from the weekend.

IMG_5321IMG_5334 IMG_5336 IMG_5337 IMG_5341 IMG_5346 IMG_5361 IMG_5363 IMG_5366 IMG_5369 IMG_5371 IMG_5377


We had such a great time, but were definitely ready to get back and see Lib…thankfully she didn’t forget who we were 🙂

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