Father’s Day 2013

Disclaimer: Long post ahead

Libby went all out for her daddy on his first Father’s Day…I mean what 10 month old doesn’t already plan these celebrations? ha!

The week prior she had gone to a few stores with me to help pick out some new tools at Lowes and a few things at Hobby Lobby needed to make a project for him…and she is so sweet and even helped me wrap his presents! (literally…couldn’t get her away from the wrapping paper…or tape…)

I wanted so badly for him to have a special first Father’s Day and to have a fun day. She slept in all the way to 6:30am so that she could help make some of his favorites for breakfast-blueberry muffins, burned bacon and A LOT of orange juice. After we had some breakfast, he opened his cards and gifts then it was off to church!

There is a driving range in our neighborhood that also has a grill that just opened up so we thought we would give it a try! We had a lot of fun-the burgers were AWESOME and it was super relaxed…Libby was able to be all over the place in the grass while Justin hit some golf balls and while I attempted to at least get one good shot in! Most pictures from that we are all super sweaty-especially Libs-poor thing is just a little hot body and has been since she was born.

After that we came home and watched some US open while napping.

Then we went to the backyard for some bubbles fun with Pepper. I originally bought the bubbles for Libby…but Pepper likes them even more than she does. It’s crazy! She runs around chasing and jumping for them….whatever works!

It was a fun day and hopefully a special one for Libby’s daddy. Watching him be a dad to her is seriously one of the biggest blessings…I could watch them for hours together.

IMG_5464 IMG_5480 IMG_5482 IMG_5510 IMG_5523


To end the post-I have to give a shout out to my sweet Daddy and also Justin’s dad. They are both men of God that we respect and love so much. The best part though is they love our sweet Libby fiercely, and because of that we feel loved. We love y’all!!





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