He is faithful

At school my kids line up to leave right next to where my desk is. Above my desk I have a random assortment of things-one of those things being a lot of different favorite verses or quotes scribbled on different pieces of paper that I come across. This week one of the girls on her way out the door said, “Mrs. Kates I like that you write all those things on board above your desk! I like it a lot.” and skipped on out of my room with a smile on her face. First off-I was just impressed that she had read them instead of talking to her friends in line. Secondly I was wondering what exactly had I written? It had been a while since I had actually sat down and re-read the ones I had written up there.

The following two are the two that really stuck out to me and I remember exactly when I wrote them. It brought back to me all the things the Lord was showing me at that point in time and how faithful he has been since then. I didn’t write down where I got these from…probably a devotional I was doing or a blog I was reading at the time…all that said-they spoke to me today in a new way with  a few things that are going on in our country and just life in general.

“Jesus was not afraid to submit to people who were spiritually less than Himself because he knew God’s greater authority would transform injustice to justice.”

“True faith, however, rests in God’s integrity and faithfulness. A person of faith can entrust his calling and gifts to the timing and wisdom of God. True faith rests in God, even when what is promised is not yet seen. It does not strive; it trusts. Abraham’s faith outgrew his ambition because he learned to trust that the Lord was faithful. (Hebrews 10:23)”

By the way-Libby will be 10 months old this weekend? How is that even possible??? Be on the look out for a Mother’s Day post and her 10 month post! Ahh!

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