7 1/2 months Old

Y’all, seriously this has been the craziest month! She’ll never know this wasn’t taken RIGHT on her 7 month bday right? I mean there will TOTALLY be a HUGE difference between today and her 8 month pics..in 2 weeks…eek. Oops! Some quick stats on Libs…

* Crawling…everywhere. Started a couple of weeks ago

* In that same week-she started pulling up!

*Two teeth coming in

*Weight is 14.2 pounds

*Had her first fever..104! Strep…I didn’t even know babies could get strep. I may or may not have been a complete mess when they called me to tell me during work

*Had your first ear infection

*Began sleeping through the night again…after not doing it since November…thankful to say the least

This is a quick post due to a lot of the above things. These are not as great of pictures due to alot of the above things (and I’m flying solo today on these pictures…crawling babe+not a good photographer=not greatness). But as I told Justin this morning, ” these pictures ARE happening TODAY!”

Still love this child more than anything!

IMG_4647 IMG_4651 IMG_4711 IMG_4728


  1. Ashley graves says:

    I think the pictures are perfect! Love that baby girl so much and I always look forward to seeing her pictures! Your last blog was so encouraging! Love you all!

  2. She is beautiful! Can’t believe how fast she is growing!

  3. Adorable!! Graham can’t wait to see her again! 🙂

  4. Ohmygoooosh! Love her what a sweetie 😉

  5. she is getting SOOOO big and is so dang cute!

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