We took Libby’s 6 month photos this morning (actually on time…and I am blogging about it ..on time…aren’t you proud?) and as Justin and I were watching the slide show of all the pictures he took I couldn’t get over how much I LOVE this precious one that the Lord has given us. It was kind of silly how emotional I got over it-just a few tears I promise-maybe it was the lack of sleep last night…) How have 6 months already gone by? People say it goes fast…and they are not kidding.

Libby’s 6th month was FULL…of joy, a new cousin, family time, holiday fun, traveling…and a lot more! We go to the doctor on Monday for her shots so we haven’t gotten her stats yet but I do know that she is getting busier and busier every day…along with growing like a weed.

Because I have been TERRIBLE at updating this blog the past 2 months I am just going to have a couple of new blogs over the course of the weekend highlighting some of the events and if I leave something out..well…I apologize 🙂 First though…her 6 month photo shoot!

IMG_4590 IMG_4585 IMG_4584 IMG_4562 IMG_4555 IMG_4554 IMG_4553 IMG_4544 IMG_4542 IMG_4534 IMG_4524


  1. good grief she is a doll!!! Love her and cannot believe its 6 months already! Happy 6 months Libby:)

  2. Libby is adorable! And growing up too fast!

  3. Libbers with a bow in her hair … oh. my. word. She is delicious!

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