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Hey, You…

The one wondering if it’s safe to dream anymore.

The one who has to swat discouragement away like a pesky fly.

I know those feelings too.

Can I lean in and whisper this hard truth?

The riskiest thing is not to dream.

The only way to avoiding making mistakes is not to do anything–

and that’s the biggest mistake of all.

The only way to avoid being hurt is to never love–

and being alone in that way is the deepest wound a heart can have.

The things that help us feel safe are the same ones that can put us at greatest risk.

You are braver, stronger, more capable than you know.

And the God you serve is bigger than you’ve yet experienced.

Dream, girl.

Dream today. Dream tomorrow.

Dream until the day you die.

And then discover that you’ve done what mattered most–you’ve really lived.

–Holley Gerth, (in)courage cofounder and best-selling author of You’re Already Amazing



ALSO-remember how I said “Nora Gray is on her way!” well she is still on her way-just not today like we originally thought-which is a very good thing because we would love for her cook in that oven a little bit longer so she will be nice and strong 🙂 

Until next time-DREAM!


  1. Good stuff! Thanks for sharing!

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