4 months

So once again I am a little late on this post-her 4 month post should have been on the 19th but WOW what a month it has been. So much to blog about. So much to rejoice and give thanks to God about. A LOT has happened in a month-and how is it already the end of November-with Thanksgiving already over? Can someone, anyone, please explain this to me? Time is moving quickly-I just pray that I am still able to take it all in-even in the busyness- to taste and see that the Lord is good, to be still, and never ever forget the sights, sounds and smells (even the bad ones 🙂 ) of our love bug Libby Shea.

Here she is at 4 months-and can I just say it is harder than one thinks to get these pictures made now-with all the rolling over and eating of her toes she is doing I didn’t think I would ever get a good one! AND of course no smiling takes place when the camera comes out-oh well-she is still cute -smile or no smile 🙂


At 4 months her stats are:

11 pounds 4 ounces (Third…yes you saw right..third percentile)

24 and 3/4 inches long.

This month she:

Celebrated Uncles Lances 30th birthday! (more pics to come!)

Dressed up as a Lady Bug for her first Halloween

She also celebrated Aunt Jo’s birthday  as well as cousin Joanna’s baby shower but I don’t have pics from either event on my camera  🙁

Her cousin Nora Gray’s arrival (more pics to come on that as well)

Cheered for the Dallas Cowboys

Met Grandma and Grandpa

Received fun goodies from Papa and Mama Kates from their trip to Pittsburgh

annnnd probably a lot more that I am forgetting at the moment!

Enjoy the pics 🙂



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