Fresh Air

Once a year-every Labor Day-we go to our families cabin in Cuchara, Colorado. The family time is wonderful. It’s a constant. The guys play a total of 72 holes of golf in 2 days. The girls go along for 18 of those holes and call it quits. We go on walks, sit outside talking on the balcony, look around the cute town that is Cuchara, we read and maybe watch a movie or two. Then when we are all back together for dinner at night we play games. It’s a change of pace up there. It’s fresh.

There is something about getting fresh air-specifically the mountains- that absolutely fills me with the Lords peace and magnifies his goodness. It helps me to see things in a different light-see things a little bit more clearly. It helps me remember His magnificence, His faithfulness. And this is why it is “my favorite place in the whole world.” People always ask me why it’s my favorite place and why I make such a big deal about it. Why did I literally (not kidding) cry almost the whole weekend the first time I couldn’t go because of my job. That is where I meet with the Lord-not that he doesn’t meet with me anywhere else because he does…but it is there that is just seems to be so much more magnified. It’s quiet. Peaceful. I can hear his voice so much clearer. It’s fresh.

The same is true when I go out into the country to the Ranch-except it is way hotter and there is a lot more sweat involved. It’s pretty too…just not the same kind of pretty..but it’s fresh air. There’s not a million buildings blocking the view, cars everywhere, traffic, phones ringing…you get the idea. It’s fresh.

Even if you can’t go to the mountains or the country-go somewhere and do something fresh. Get fresh air. Meet with the Lord. You and Him. No phones. No computers. Just you and Him…and I promise you will leave refreshed.

Just to do a little bragging on the Libster-we drove a total of 30 hours to get to and from Colorado-a stop in Dallas, Borger and then to Colorado-and she was AWESOME. Such a trooper….anyways…I’ll leave you with-once again-a lot of pictures from this years Labor Day weekend and maybe, just maybe, I will get better about not putting so many pictures up 🙂


  1. LOVE!!!!!!! and yup, im crying! love my sweet family!

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