Time. It is amazing how time goes by so quickly when it comes to certain things and crawls by like a snail when it comes to other certain things. Everything these days is based on the measurement of t.i.m.e and it’s not necessarily a bad thing-but it has certainly caused me to rely more and more on the fact that everything. Yes, everything, is perfect is Gods timing. Not my own (bummer!) but not really bummer…but if things went according to my timeline in the end it would not even come close to how great and perfect God’s timing and plan was/is.

Today, marks week 38 of being preggo. Honestly, when people told me “oh it goes by so fast!” I would always smile and nod but in my head be thinking “whatever, it’s nine months! how does it go by fast!?!” and now that we are at the end of this part of the journey…I must admit that I am sitting her wondering how in the world we are already to this point! I am so thankful that up until the past week or so-this pregnancy has been relatively easy-but now-now I am ready to NOT be pregnant but instead be holding our sweet Libby Shea-and of course NOW would be the time when this whole process is not moving as quickly as I would like it to be moving. So today…I am remembering to be patient. I am remembering that His ways are not my ways. Most of all, I am remembering that the Lord’s plan and timing is WAY better than my own.

With that said-here are the stats of Libby at Week 38

How far along: 38 weeks
Size: (according the handy phone app) She is about 6.8 pounds and over 19 1/2 inches long (like a leek or a watermelon?)
Total weight gain: 22 pounds
Sleep: On and off…between going to the bathroom, the hips and back hurting if I lay in one position for too long and my mind going absolutely crazy…naps have become my new best friend 🙂
Maternity clothes: It’s all I wear! unless it’s a sun dress that is long enough to not be too short in the front 🙂
With that…I realize it has been a very long time since I have posted anything and I still have not put up pictures from all the wonderful showers we have been blessed with, pictures of Libby’s room (which is still not 100% finished-procrastinator much?) OR pictures from our Anniversary-So the next post will be dedicated to pictures, get excited!

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